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  1. To those that use online dating sites do you guys initially use your real # when chatting or a burner? Giving the online thing a try and the only reason the thought of using a burner # at first came to mind is to weed out any clever scammer..
  2. That wouldn't be a bad idea. i fooled around with a couple free dating apps at one point. There was a shit ton of gay men posing as women.

    Though i did meet 2 pretty cool women, it never went anywhere.

    i would imagine paid dating sites would be a little more serious since you aren't going to pay them to constantly get catfished.
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  3. staynattybruh

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    I've used pof, match, tinder and hinge. In Europe for most of these and havent been dating a girl I met off hinge practically since I've been back to the states.

    Never had any severe catfish problems. Sometimes shes fat, in which case, I'm polite, talk a little and leave and text her telling her she doesnt look like her pictures and that's equivalent to lieing to me.

    I think it's being a little overly paranoid to get a burner for that.
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    You will notice that the 'paid' dating sites will always apply to men,, and not women,, henceforth,, in this case,, the men are serious about wanting a relationship,, but not the women. They (women) still tend to take a paid dating site as a joke like POF because its free for them. For guys,, overall,, I would suggest to save your money and go with a free dating site and just hope for the best
  5. i'm still debating the cell phone vs burner phone idea. Let's say he reels in a real looney tunes. How much information could one get from having someone's cell phone number?

    i came across a website that can reveal a persons name using their cell phone number (link below). Though i think it depends on which carrier/MVNO you use. i'm leaning towards the burner phone to avoid a potentially (but unlikely) ugly situation.

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  6. I’ve always been a meet them in person type of guy where my attitude, charm, bde lol did all the leg work and words weren’t important, but now I’m lazy and/or busy and everyone’s doing the online shit so I figured I’d try.

    I’m brand new to it, already ran into a scammer, I kinda knew it but my dick was doing the thinking so I sent a message anyway. After a couple messages she’s like when do you wanna meet blah blah, but before we do you need to sign up to some dating security site that will ask for your cc but won’t charge you lol yeah I’m not that dumb. New it was bs before it got there cause she’s using a pornstars regular pics, at first I was like maybe they just look alike but nah..

    Anyway I wasn’t so much worried about the crazy’s as the fake scams, not sure how much info can be gleaned from a #, but now that you brought it up the psychos scare me too lol, I’ll just use the my old hooker # till I know they’re legit,
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    I'll admit it, I met my wife on , back before online dating was acceptable and cool. Match was brand new then.

    I remember sending all sorts of these little winks to chicks because it was free to do that, but you had to pay to write them. Low and behold, the prettiest one, the one I never expected to give me the time of day wrote me back. So I was sitting there debating on whether to spend the 20$ or not so I could write back. So I did it.

    But see, after a few dates we removed ourselves from the site and we weren't talking to anyone else. What you gotta watch out for is the 2019 bitch that leaves her shit up because she is addicted to the attention and is always looking for the next best thing.

    I think you're overthinking it honestly. See, my thing was this (and not to sound cocky, just being honest here) a big dude and consider myself an attractive guy. Chicks in person are scared shitless of me. It's intimidating to them and when I speak to them they really don't know how to act. It scares them off. I had to resort to online dating because in person it wasn't happening. Being big don't help, it can hurt actually
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  8. I have the opposite issue, no clue wtf to write on the profile, or what to say when I first message them to not sound either boring. I’m good looking but I don’t really like taking pics so all I got is boring selfies. In person it’s much easier, doesn’t really matter as much what you say. Guess I’ll just start messaging more and learn what works, only chatted with like 5 online, or go out again..
  9. DrinkFlintWater

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    All the women I meet on tinder want to snapchat a million times before we meet. This helps to see were both legit. I do have a fake # app on my phone that I can text both ways on...its called text me. Works great.

    Tinder is ideal for me after coming out of a long term marriage. However my friends say when time to get serious, Bumble is where I need to be....I'm not ready for all that yet tho lol
  10. Wtf is Snapchat? I’m almost 33 years old so I might be too old to know what that is. Yea I have the TextNow app on my phone, free calls/texts. First go around I had no luck on tinder, but I re-did my profile, added a pic that went all the way to the crotch area and a better description and I just checked and I got a bunch of matches, not sure if it’s the visible crotch area or the description lol
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    First pic is clutch, will make or break a swipe. Dont feel bad man, I'm 37 and had to learn this shit too..only thing I knew about snapchat is that its an app my kids me having to learn it was weird. But anyway, I match on tinder, then 9 times outta 10 we move it snap...kinda like video texts to eachother...idk it's like an unwritten rule to snap before meeting...not sure but I've had good success on it so far...
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  12. Hacksaw Jim

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    When I go on tinder or POF or any other dating site for that matter,, I will obviously write up a decent profile of myself and put up a few pictures of myself with my shirt off. And with a bodybuilding pose of course. I then focus on writing to foriegn woman,, using the race/nationality filter system on the site. I focus on writing to third generation Asian, latin american, black woman and eastern european woman. Me trying to get a first generation caucasion girl here in Canada is out of the question,, as most first generation Canadian women expect you to make close to a hundred grand a year before they will even consider dating you. I tend to have more success focusing on third generation woman,,,,, as they are very non judgemental and accepting of who you are,, as opposed to what you make and what your material possessions are.
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  13. Ah lol ok, so you record a clip or something talking instead of texting with words? I guess I’ll have to learn this crap, even tho a FaceTime seems simpler lol. Yeah I guess if your pic doesn’t look so good no ones gonna bother..
  14. Idk a shirtless pic seems a bit excessive, plus I’ve seen a bunch of profiles that where they make a point to say they hate the shirtless pics. I just went with a pic that went down to my crotch area to show off my bulge without focusing on it, just a mirror selfie lol
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    You just say "hey, what's up" and is cliche and quick is that is there is no reason to waste time. If they like what they see they'll write back. After a few messages you talk, don't keep going back and forth.

    Now, here is the thing to look out for;

    You see, these bitches think their pussies are golden and that men are dumb, so they'll just keep responding with one word answers because they're juggling 50 other responses. If they're truly interested or are interesting ppl themselves (which most are not) they'll wrote back with more than "I'm good".

    But the initial contact on your first message shouldn't waste too much time. It's a numbers game, just hit every single one with a "hey, what's up" becaise many aren't gonna write back and many aren't even serious, still in a relationship, babby daddy issues, etc
  16. JSmooth09

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    I just use Tinder & Bumble. Pof is just too laggy and I couldn't stand it, that's been a year at least on there.
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    Tinder and Bumble, I'll wander around POF sometimes. First picture is the most important and have something short and decent for a bio. On bumble, don't waste your time looking at any profiles, swipe right on everyone of them, I do it while watching TV or cruising. Reasoning is the girl still has to match and then send the first message. No point and looking at a profile and the girl never swipes right also, just swipe right and sort through the matches as they come in.

    Tinder has turned into people looking for hookups or just, not so serious relationships, at least in my area. But they limit the number of swipes so at least look at the picture

    I'll talk to someone for a little bit on the app before giving out my number, I give out my real one and haven't had issues with stalking or anything. They already have my name and that's about all they could find from my cell phone anyway.
  18. Hacksaw Jim

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    But you will notice that it is the typical caucasian woman that makes a negative comment about a shirtless pic,,, but that same woman will not hesitate to ask 'what do you do for a living?' From there,, they can judge the amount of money you make by what type of answer you give. But when it comes to a third generation foriegn woman;;;; it is a totally different scenario. With a third generation foriegn woman,, they will say 'what a gorgeous body you have'. They will not give a shit about your income level if your a lean cut bodybuilder with a shirtless pic! All I can say is that it works for me. Give it a try! Use the race/ethnic filter function on your dating web site. You will see what I mean. But keep in mind though that foriegn third generation asian, latin, black woman etc want a guy for a serious relationship as oppose to 'a fun time'
  19. Hacksaw Jim

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    I wouldn't really say "hey, whats up",, just because it doesn't imply sincerity to have something going with the girl. It is better to write a very general genuine paragraph about yourself,, apart from your profile. Copy and paste that exact same paragrath and use it on every girl you write to. You will stand to get more replies. Also,, these girls are not getting 50 replies a month,, its more like about 200 replies a month and plus more. So you do have to make a genuine 'copy and paste' intro about yourself whenever you write to a girl in order to make yourself stand out
  20. mp46

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    I wouldn't say a whole paragraph but at least a few lines. I have a copy/paste I use that leaves a place for me to insert something specific to her profile so she at least knows I read (some of) it. Something like this:

    "Hows your week turning out? I'm ready for the weekend and to get away from the work life and enjoy myself, something I'm making more of an effort to do lately. I noticed you like to (insert activity/hobby from her profile) is that a casual interest or something you want to take more seriously."
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