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  1. @MaxVolume Oh man we’re doing the tinder bios, haha. You’ll have a kick out of what I wrote on mine, out here in NC.
    Without further ado...

    I know what E.E. Cummings wrote in the poem "Dying is fine but Death"
    But I understand that love is sometimes more like “you fit into me” by Margaret Atwood.
    James Bond is my mentor and the most interesting man in the world is my Bro. A modern day St. Pierre if you will.
    Adrenaline junkie, that prefers being in the wild, then in the city. Impossible to tame or slow down.
    Live to Explore, Hike, Camp,Kayak, Mountain climb, Snowboard.
    Regularly Hiking to Calloway Peak, you down?

    Something as simple as that with a few regular photos across the World, gets the ladies electrified.
    ... I would do the pictures too. Just don’t have the scribbly face program on the phone to edit. :)
    Tinder is also better in a sense that I personally don’t drink and don’t have to go to the local pub to score and pick up women. This way they come to you.
    Now the downtown scene is a different beast...
    But whether it’s at the Mall, in the Park, at the store, it truly doesn’t matter. Be confident in yourself and the women will flock to you.
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    I personally rather meet women in person but it's difficult depending on where you go.
    To me tinder is like meeting a woman by herself at a bar. They are there for one thing, to meet somebody and probably get laid sooner rather than later.
    Now picking up girls at the gym, grocery store, bank etc. is always a crap shoot but you get a better idea of who they really are instead of some dressed up beautified version of themselves with poor lighting.
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    I'm older than most of you,started using the sites in the late 90s. Really a lot different now, of course theirs the technology. But what I'm finding is that there's a zillion more guys than their used to be. Hasn't slowed me down, just seems to make the chicks either more cynical, or they just get way too cocky
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    Ive never used Tinder but used POF about 10 years ago. Met some crazy bitches on there, a couple catfish types but managed to get laid fairly easy. I actually met my wife on there and she said before me she met some catfish types too. So there obviously going to be some issues with honesty and online dating but from what I hear the scammer element is real nowdays and thats something I didnt have to deal with when I was doin it. With everybody meeting people online its probably harder to pick up women in person now because they just figure fuck it, I dont need to look good at the gym I can meet guys from the comfort of my phone.
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  5. lol women have mastered the art of geometry and photos, ie they know what angles makes them look thinner or their asses look bigger, or they might use outta date photos all together from 10 years and 100lbs ago lol. Personally i don’t mind some cushion for the pushin but there’s a difference between curvy/thick and a 400lb ssbbw. I’m sure guys do it too..

    In person is great tho, you see them as how they are instead of how they’re selling themselves online. Only thing is you gotta realize that you won’t always be successful, but that’s true for online dating too.
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    Yeah, my son goes through those pics like "fat,fat, short,ugly,fat etc." I was like how can you tell? He knows all the dead giveaways. I'd be up to my neck in fat chicks if I ever had to do it.
  7. I’ll typically use snap before exchanging numbers ( in the off chance they don’t have snap, I’ll chat on FB messenger if everything seems kosher). If you only receive pictures instead of snaps, that typically means something is off ( at least in my experience).

    I’ve used Tinder, POF, Hinge, and Match and have only come across a handful of what I thought were catfishes or scammers. In those instances, I’ll just unmatch or block them seeing as thought there really isn’t a shortage of women online.

    Always go with your gut... if something seems off or seems too good to be true, chances are it is.
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  8. By the way, NEVER use MeetMe... that whole site is one giant shit show.
  9. See I like the curves...I like both but if I had to choose between petite or curvy I’ll take curvy so when I see those angle pics I think unnecessary plus I’m usually horny so unattractive girls turn me on. Like I saw a picture of a chunky granny and got a boner. What I personally don’t like is when they use out of date pics and there’s a significant change of weight or hard aging. Also when they have pics were they’re both obese and not, like wtf which one are you...obviously the obese version otherwise they wouldn’t have those.

    Would be nice they let you filter, the actual web based sites let you filter by ethnicity, body type but haven’t been able to search for say gingers.
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    Fucking "chunky granny" haha!
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    Latest ... I don’t know who to focus on?

    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG

    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG

    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG

    Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG

    Or stick with what I just got in my own female Zoolander, Yasmin, who is also the youngest.
    [​IMG] Adjustments.JPG Adjustments.JPG IMG_2670.JPG
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    Let me know your vote, looking for opinions.
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  14. MaxVolume

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    Guess you aren’t able to pull actual women. But it’s all good mate, we can’t all have game.
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    All fake profiles.
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  16. Even if they aren't, they're all fake anyway. Fake hair, eyelashes, tits. i want to see what they look like when they aren't faking it for the camera.

    i see women like this everyday. i always wonder how'd they'd look at night before bed when they take their faces off, so to speak.
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    @MisterSuperGod women really do have it easy when it comes to dating.

    Even if you're an ugly chick, all you have to do is: not eat like a pig and wear 1lbs of make-up.

    I can't stand most women these days. Everything is fake (make-up, lashes, lipstick, foundation, hair etc.) and it gives them crazy unfounded confidence to the point where they are straight up arrogant.
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    Well of course, because girls like that can’t actually be real, right?

    Beauty of FT / Video chat, SC & IG.

    Exactly the look I like. I won’t even go on a date with a girl that doesn’t have fake tits, complete waste if my time.

    Yasmin has fake 850cc tits, fake eyelashes, fake nails and hair extensions.

    Something like this.

    With IMG_2590.JPG

    Without (except some eyeliner) Adjustments.JPG

    It isn’t that difficult to get girls like that. For starters, you have to be prepared / willing to fail and not give a shit and don’t put them on a pedestal or treat them like they’re some sort of unicorn.
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  19. i guess if that's what you're into, i can't knock you for it. To each their own.

    i'm an old man now. i don't get excited for the razzle dazzle, look at me and my 862 pics on InstaSnapChatBook.

    Maybe 20 years ago, (had all that stuff been around back then) but not now.
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    Like the girl in your Avatar , my type.
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