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    NVOJOEL Member

    Has anyone ever heard of these guys?

    They are new so it's going to be hard to find the source.

    (If you have) how is their tren, Test E, Eq, Winnie?
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  2. Rjs725

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    I see you follow Musclehead on Instagram. I love following people so open about their use. It took me awhile, but I found a source for Onyx, not going to let anyone know though :) Haven't tried them, but will be ordering soon. Prices are really decent.

    NVOJOEL Member

    Hahaha, hell yeah brother. Let me know how you like it when you get it.
  4. cyclone268

    cyclone268 Member

    Damn I thought I was the only one haha. That guy is hilarious. I'm gonna keep looking for the Onyx, but if the prices are as good as ya'll say it'll be worth it especially since it's domestic.
  5. c_bigsby

    c_bigsby Member

    Looks like we all follow the same guy. Can't imagine him backing anything bunk

    NVOJOEL Member

    Yeah i know.
  7. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    Placed an order with them. I'll give reviews on the gear once I get some firsthand experience with it. Ordered test E and EQ.

    NVOJOEL Member

    When it comes in care to share a pic of how the packing looks, and the vial?
  9. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    Will do. What I seen on IG gave me really high hopes. Vials looked legit, pharm style boxes and all but we'll see.

    NVOJOEL Member

    Musclehead posted that pic up, dude is known for carrying all the pharma grade treats, he's always stacked up on good gear and HGH.

    How deep did you dig to find the source, or did he tell you?
  11. Capt Forest

    Capt Forest Member

    Holy Schill fest. wtf!
  12. MickECV

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  13. biggerben69

    biggerben69 Member

    No, no, no! Captain, you haven't heard. This is the newest coolest way to stay safe and out of the grasp of LE. Hiding in plain sight is all the rage.
    Forget encrypted emails and WU/MG ID waived and using the Test ? and Answer. Guys are posting gear lists and pics on FB and instagram. LE never thinks to use social media to gather info and to prosecute people. NO way.
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  14. DragonFlames

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    People actually do this? *facepalm*
  15. Rayman93

    Rayman93 Junior Member

    If im reading this right, this guy sells his gear off Instagram?? :cool:seems legit
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  16. Whoremoans

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    Nah he just posts pictures of his gear on Instagram lol. Not much different than every high school kid in the world posting themselves smoking weed.
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  17. Rayman93

    Rayman93 Junior Member

    He really dont care what people think then lmfao, i was looking through instagram awhile back and came across price sheets for gear right out in the open, stupidest thing ever most of the contact emails ended with @gmail.com
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  18. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    Now that's truly idiotic.
  19. Rjs725

    Rjs725 Member

    Schill fest? Do you even have a clue what we are talking about? MuscleHead is an instagram user open about his use and is a pretty interesting guy to follow. The dude is loaded. By that I mean he is an avid user of Alpha Pharma gear (and a lot of it) and runs seros and nords 6iu every day 365 days a year. He posted a picture not to long ago of his gear bill for a 3 month time frame. It was a crazy high amount.

    He recently started using onyx because of the tren drought with alpha. So I took the time to find where onyx is sourced because its never a bad idea to give yourself more choices when it comes to legit brands. We aren't shilling at all for onyx... Yet.
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  20. ProV1

    ProV1 Member

    LE loves the low hanging fruit. Hopefully keep the professionals a little safer with them spending their time on these easy picking rubes LOL. Kids now a days.