Opinion: all professional athletes take steroids/PEDs

Discussion in 'Sports' started by J Dog, Aug 20, 2018.

  1. J Dog

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    Anyone else think that it's pretty unfair when an athlete gets busted for taking PEDs and thus crucified by everyone (granted they shouldn't have gotten caught) when in reality all the athletes they're competing against take PEDs as well? For example: Jon Jones is clearly juicing, but so is everyone else in the UFC. Obviously the ones that get caught are the ones that are gonna take all the heat, but why do we act like every single other athlete he's competing against doesn't use shit too? It would be extremely naive to think that the best athletes in the world are natural. Steroids are honestly more beneficial then they are detrimental to pro athletes, and I wish the discussion would be had about how prevalent they REALLY in sports.
  2. Eman

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    I've actually always felt the opposite... That it's naive to think that all professional athletes ARE taking PED's.

    PED use is prevalent in sports, to be sure. However, most recreational users begin using and then automatically believe that all athletes use too because how else could they be that much better than you and me, right? Take away all performance enhancing drugs in existence, and said athletes will still be at the elite level.

    I am referring to sports outside of bodybuilding when I say this, because it's in a different category of sport all together.
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    I see so many guys in my gym hop on gear with the highest of expectations thinking it’ll change their physique drastically within weeks, and then 12 weeks pass by and reality hits leaving them with the same poor physique they started with. But it can’t be the fact that they don’t have top tier genetics or that they eat like shit and train with the intensity of an average 60 year old just trying to stay healthy. No, it’s that the elite guys are just taking MORE!
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    I feel like the monumental benefits of taking PEDs (whether for recovery or the many other reasons) are far too alluring for athletes to pass up. Especially when better performance=millions of dollars and drugs=better performance. I definitely agree that without the drugs, the elite athletes are still the elite athletes.
  5. ickyrica

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    Tom Brady on PEDs? No doubt man! th.jpeg

    He looks like an MCT man, maybe GSO. He's holistic, as you all know so no unnatural carriers.
  6. Eman

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    Deflating balls is holistic...?

    *Eman smiles while picturing the look on icky's face*
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    You're off my Christmas card list.
  8. Brandaddy

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    I also think it's bs to assume all pro level athletes are on peds. Especially MMA guys. I was never even close to UFC level, but trained with some pretty awesome fighters and none of them knew absolutely anything about PEDs or even bodybuilding. One guy walked around at 4% bf and could train balls to the wall for hours. Some people are just genetic freaks. Even my dad and grandpa when they were in their prime were decently lean and had 18" arms and didn't even know jack shit about training, or nutrition but trained like animals and got jacked without roids. Which thinking about it, it kind of makes me sad because I'm not as big as either of them and I have a few cycles under my belt... Ha.. FML
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  9. J Dog

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    Here's a list of almost all the athletes in the history of the UFC that have been popped for peds (it's a long list lol). I don't think it's bs at all to say that most ufc athletes are taking gear. A couple of years ago even Joe Rogan said there's a "steroid epidemic" in the ufc. And he knows a lot more about what really goes on in the ufc than we all do. There's also the classic Nate Diaz quote "everyone's on steroids". Or GSP who said that failing a drug test is stupid because they're so easy to pass. It's kind of ironic how we don't listen to these guys when they are telling us the dark truth to our faces. Also when you consider how fucking brutal training camps are (training 3 times a day 6 times a week), it makes sense why ufc athletes would take drugs especially to recover.

    if I'm an mma athlete training for a massive fight, i must at the VERY least consider taking peds
    peds=train for longer and harder
    =recover faster
    =get more out of training
    =perform better
    =higher opportunity for fight bonuses and endorsements
    =more money, providing for my family

    seems to me like it makes a lot of sense for ufc athletes and athletes in general to take peds. especially when drug testing for the most part is a joke. but maybe im out of line haha

    And i obviously don't know the guy but i would have my doubts that he is really 4% body fat. That's way to low of a body fat to be sustainable, unless you're on gear of course. If he really was 4% body fat he must look like helmut strebl or something lol

  10. J Dog

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    I think you're making the mistake of assuming that Tom Brady's lackluster physique is an indication that he's not using any illicit exogenous substances. The fact alone that he is turning 42 years old and is basically favoured to win MVP this season is absolutely incredible and speaks volumes to his elite and rare longevity. But even though its amazing and im enjoying every minute of it, it should raise some red flags as to how he is able to play at such an incredibly elite level for SO long. 18 years and counting jesus christ tom lmao...HGH a.k.a. "the fountain of youth"?? anyone?? lol

    to be clear im not saying he's for sure using (although i would honestly bet that he is myself) im just saying the possibility should at the very least be considered and not thrown away as "his physique sucks so he's not taking drugs". josh barnett's physique was terrible and even inferior to many naturals, didnt stop him from being a career steroid user tho
  11. J Dog

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    I also hope I'm not coming off as a hater lol. I fucking love sports and am a huge fan of a lot of these athletes and honestly believe that PEDs should be completely legal in sports. I just think its an interesting conversation to be had, and who better to talk about it than a bunch of guys that use gear themselves
  12. Dr JIM

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    The OP prefeced his post a "an opinion" and everyone has one.

    The OP is a busy guy at work and at play and doesn't have the time or the wherewithall to read and investigate the FACTS. It's called Gym Speak and credulity is irrelevant.
  13. J Dog

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    I have a ton of time to read/investigate, what makes you think I don't? And what are the "FACTS"?
  14. ErikR

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    UFC does random testing. They can come to you where ever you are and test you. My professor has been in the game a very long time and is training a fighter in the ufc for his bjj. He confirmed that its really difficult in the ufc now to use peds. PFL can test the day of fight or not at all. Its easier there. Are their guys that use peds? Yes , but its not as rampant in mma as some think. Just like there are genetic freaks in bodybuilding and powerlifting same goes for mma.
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  15. ickyrica

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    So when do you think this HGH use started? When he won the 2002 Superbowl? His 2nd year in the league you know. Maybe it was the 2004 Superbowl that he won? Was the HGH use going strong then? Nope, you know I think it was that off season between the 2004 and 2005 Superbowl wins that made him delve into the deep end. :)

    *icky volleys back to eman :D*

    My guess is if he started using HGH it would be after his knee injury a few years later.
  16. Dr JIM

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    Its obvious you are unaware of the facts since you elected to post your opinion in their stead. Try another forum for unsubstiantieted bullshit.
  17. Dr JIM

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    And thats a fact many on PED forum elect to ignore or discount bc it enables them to justify the use these drugs as a means to and ends, becoming someone they are not.

    Pro athletes are gifted far beyond the use of PEDs, train specifically for their sport, are disciplined beyond the imagination of most recreational athletes and surround themselves with those who KNOW how to best optimize their innate potential.
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  18. J Dog

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    Lol who knows man no one can ever say for sure except for him and his doctors. I can tell you for sure that HGH was not even tested for until the 2014 season. Considering that it is one of the most effective peds that aids in an athletes recovery and therefore longevity, not to mention it can help return from injury faster and build muscle/prevent muscle breakdown, i would be willing to say that hgh use was rampant in the nfl before 2014 and still is.
  19. J Dog

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    You seem grumpy. No hostility here brother. If you don't want to try and have a productive discussion about PEDs in professional sports then you can go elsewhere. My "opinion" that the vast majority of pro athletes are doping is very unpopular I am aware ...furthermore, I must emphasize it as an "opinion" because it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt a.k.a. with cold hard evidence, but I do know that what I'm saying has value. The only cold hard evidence you can obtain to prove an athlete is doping is by them failing a drug test. As you should know (if you don't, there is a plethora of stuff on google you can read up on) drug tests are extremely easy for athletes that are doping to "pass". How can you definitively prove athletes are doping when the testing is flawed? Answer: you can't. But you can critically analyze things and make educated speculations based on requisuisite knowledge. That is why i must emphasize this an "opinion"
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  20. J Dog

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    I agree with that notion, that if you take away the drugs, the elite athletes would still remain the elite ones for the most part. But you could stipulate that an exception to that rule would be someone like Yao Ming. If you don't know the story about yao ming, in a nutshell he was basically a chinese individual who was specifically bred to be a 7 foot monster for the nba. he was given cocktails of drugs at an early age in order for the chinese to breed an nba star. it worked. you can make the argument that without the drugs, he would just be an average person and not a 7-foot monster who dominated the nba above the rim. but thats all just speculation, just an interesting thought i had. but i do agree with the aforementioned notion.

    but with that being said, why do so many athletes that are clearly gifted still take steroids? ben johnson? jon jones? barry bonds? alex rodruigez? brock lesnar? ryan braun? etc.....if they were so gifted, which they CLEARLY are, then why did they still take performance enhancing drugs? and who's to say that all these other elite athletes they're competing against that are ALSO trying to maximize their performance won't do the same?

    you did say that athletes know how to optimize their potential right? don't steroids and performance enhancing drugs LITERALLY help you do that better than anything else?