Opinion on cycle for joint recovery.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by mikkel-DEN, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. mikkel-DEN

    mikkel-DEN Junior Member

    Hi guys, I would like to get your opinion on my cycle.

    First my stats: I'm 25, 182cm in height and weigh 100kilos.
    This is my 4 cycle.

    Im just getting of a mcl surgery in the knee and want to try something to speed my recovery up.

    I have been on hgh about half a year, 5 units of Alpha Pharma vitex ed.
    I also take 30 micrograms of igf-1 lr3 every day. Is this stupid? since the lr3 version is a "confused" igf, and might go to my guts.

    But I am only gonna take the igf one more week, then 6 weeks break, and then igf for 3 weeks. Then not for a long time.

    My anabolic cycle:
    300mg a week of nandrolone (deca) for 12 weeks.
    Because it is known to help your joints, and have a anti-inflammatory effect.

    750mg a week for the first 3 weeks, of boldenone (eq)
    Then 500mg a week for the last 9 weeks
    Because the eq makes your blood more nutrient rich.

    And then just 120mg of test e (depot) for all 12 weeks.
    Just to replace my normal testosterone. I don't want to go higher, cous if it aromatises to estrogen, it will of course raise my estrogen levels, thereby making my body produce Relaxin and that makes my joints more loose, and that's not good.
    And I don't want to take aromatise-inhibitors cous if my estrogens levels get too low that's destroys my collagen-synthesis.

    What do you guys think?

    And I'm sorry if my English isn't totally understandable, I'm from Europe :)
  2. elgriff

    elgriff Member

    I think the test is to low , the deca sounds about right
  3. mikkel-DEN

    mikkel-DEN Junior Member

    But if I'm right, your natural production is abut 70mg a week, right?

    And you don't absorb all the 125 mg of injected test, so it's pretty close? :)
  4. mikkel-DEN

    mikkel-DEN Junior Member

    And my hands are shaking, but they always do that's after boxing. But I think it has gotten a bit worse.

    And no I don't box right now with my knee, I was just holding pads for some of my fighters.
  5. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    I'd be wary of using AAS to "heal" joint/tendon injuries. Deca has a therapeutic effect, but there's strong evidence that some steroids (test included) can actually impair the healing of such injuries.
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  6. mikkel-DEN

    mikkel-DEN Junior Member

    Exactly why I try to keep it at a minimum :)
  7. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Of course, and keeping your test dose low is smart.

    What I mean is, there's no replacement for resting an injury. Deca will make it feel better, but if you don't allow sufficient recovery time, you're going to injure yourself further.
  8. Genghis K.

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    ^^^^^ Follow this^^^^ I believe it is a mistake to start a cycle when not being fully healed from an injury. You're bringing a high degree of risk into the situation with not much reward in return.
  9. mikkel-DEN

    mikkel-DEN Junior Member

    What do you mean by risk? :)

    I'm not gonna do nothing stupid, no boxing till after a half year, then slowly to start with.

    And I have a fysioterapist planning my strength program, so I should be fine. I'm just hoping this will boost the recovery and make the tendon stronger.
    Since I know that gh and igf makes your cells multiply, it could make the tendon stronger by having more cross linking fibers/cells.
    The eq should help it heal faster, and deca should be anti-inflammatory, also helping with a better condition for the joint to heal in :)
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