Opinion on diet and AAs

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  1. Fariaia

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    Hey guys,

    Two points here. I am on a bulk and would like advices on diet. Also I ordered a cycle and was wondering if I should wait until I build more mas before starting (i think I will hate to hear the answers)

    Stats: 5'9, 155 lb, 11% bf

    1 - pre training
    oats, 60g
    banana, 1
    whey, 30g
    Total pro 30, carbs, 75

    Post training
    oats, 40g
    banana, 1
    whey, 30g
    Total pro 30, carbs 47

    Rice 250 g
    chicken 200g
    total pro 60, carbs 56

    4 whole eggs
    rice, 200g
    total pro 28, carbs 45, fat 24

    olive oil 2 tbs
    beaf 200g
    rice 200g
    total pro 58, carbs 45, fat 36

    total/day: ~2,700 kcal, pro 218, carb 277, fat 70

    1-12 - 400 mg test e
    1-4 25 mg Anadrol/day (or 50 or keep 25 to 8 weeks)
    1-13 500 ui hcg
    14-18 clomid 50 mg
    1-18 30 mg nolva
    1-12 - exestetane

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  2. Demondosage

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    Lower the nolvadex to 20mg a day during Anadrol, 10 mg a day throughout remainder of cycle
  3. brutus79

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    If you are running a serm the whole time and only running 400 mg test I wouldnt run an ai at all unless you have e2 symptoms.

    I would run test at 600

    Carbs and fat too low

    You are way below genetic potential and this is just a shortcut. You also won't listen but will ultimately regret your impatience.
  4. brutus79

    brutus79 Member

    You are way too small to cycle. You really don't have a base yet. You will get strong fast and tear a tendon guaranteed.
  5. Eman

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    Replace shakes with steaks and eat more rice/carbs.
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  6. Demondosage

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    These guys are correct, not enough base for gear yet. Honest advice, eat like a damn horse. Calories are #1 rt now, go clean for the most part but 1 giant cheat meal a day will only help you at this stage in the game
  7. JackSmooth

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    Something tells me he’s going to run this either way so if you have questions, post them up.
    I agree with holding off from aas also.
  8. Fariaia

    Fariaia Junior Member

    Thank you guys! I am really inclined to run this but will reconsider after your comments. Will also increase carbs. Thanks for all advises thought
  9. Fariaia

    Fariaia Junior Member

    Hey guys, is timing for pct correct? I plan on taking blood, but just read that it might be much longer to clear the test and get back to normal levels (base around 431 taken this week)
  10. Arcânn

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    Yeah I would spend a little more time building before doing a cycle. I know from experience that tendons WILL tear if you build too much strength too fast. Your muscles might be able to handle it, but your tendons don't strengthen at the same rate.
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  11. medicinemood

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    Looks like you been lifting for 3 months. My prediction will be that you will get really big and then when you come off become a fat mess. Please report back in 5 months so I can say I’m right.
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  12. NorthMich

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    Man, sorry but I had to laugh!
  13. Fariaia

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    Haha motivational Saturday ? At least looks like I lift but hopefully you were not being generous

    Still didn’t start, waiting for the hcg and some other stuff to arrive. I will post here progress (and regress as our friend is predicting)