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    I'm just trying to get some opinions on my diet. I'm currently probably eating the best I've consistently ever eaten. I'm an ectomorph who was eating a lot of junk food to bulk. I'm lucky my BF% is as relatively low as it is but I'm working on that. I'll just post a couple sample plans.

    I'm currently maintaining 205-206 pounds at ~3400 calories/day. (I'm also 6'2" and 28 years old, just in case that's relevant). Although I have the macros tracked, I know nutrient timing is a big thing for some, but I work 12+ hour night shifts and work more nights than I'm off most of the time, and what I do at work varies from day to day so I pretty much get my meals in just whenever I get the opportunity, although on days off I'm sure I could do better.

    BTW, these plans are set up a little weird since it's just meant for me to understand. All of the foods have four numbers beside them that go in the order of:
    "number of servings: grams of protein - grams of fat - grams of carbs". And then the totals for the day at the bottom.
    I didn't take any number of meals into consideration due to the somewhat unpredictable nature of my job from day to day, but typically I eat everything in 4-5 meals. So all the numbers are basically just totals for the day, not totals for any one meal. The samples are at 3400 calories and the others are at 3000, somewhere down the line when I'd be cutting.

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    I'm not 100% clear what you're asking here. Are these a representation of your current maintenance diet and a potential version for cutting?
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    That is correct. I'm just trying to get a feel for if I'm doing anything majorly wrong at this point. My goals are fairly modest. I'm never going on stage or anything, and currently, I plan to only cycle as a means of cutting, not bulking, just to make it easier to hold onto muscle while cutting so that I can continue to bulk later while having a little wiggle room for the additional fat I'll put on. Just eyeballing it, I'd say I'm 15-16% BF currently, and would prefer to get down to ~10% before continuing to bulk. So I'd probably have to go lower than 3000 calories eventually, but I do have plans for that too. All my plans are generally the same types of food, I'm just trying to get a feel for any major adjustments I may need.