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    I am training to become a fire fighter, I can pass the ability test with a little problem. I would like to gain as much mass as possible. After a cycle of Test I didnt put on much mass. I was told that I needed to change my workout since higher weights less reps didnt do much for me as far as MASS and that it was my slow twitch muscles and I needed to do lighter weights and more reps and I should blow up with alot more ease. Regardless any solid workout plan is better then no Plan. So this is what I am currently doing at the moment. Anybody wants to throw in there 2 cents go ahead please. I stole this work out from a site, I forgot where though lol

    Day 1
    2X10 Bench Press
    2x10 Close Grip Bench Press
    2x10 Incline Bench Press
    2x8 Dumbell Flies
    2x8 Skull Crushers
    2x10 Tricep Extensions
    2x15 Front Dumbell Raises
    2x15 Side Dumbell Raises

    Day 2

    Day 3
    3x10 Barbell Curls
    2x10 Concentration Curls
    2xFailure Pull Ups
    2x10 Lat Pulls
    2x10 Bent Over Rolls
    3x10 Wrist Curls
    2x10 Barbell Shrugs
    2x10 Calf Raise Machine Shrugs

    Day 4

    Day 5
    3x10 Squats
    2x10 Barbell Deadlifts
    3x10 Leg Presses
    2x10 Leg Extensions
    3x10 Calf Raises
    2x10 Barbell Lunges
    2 sets of farmers Walk

    Day 6

    Day 7 Rest
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    e mail or PM Grizzly he knows everything about this stuff.
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    U sure fuzzy bear is going to like being pm'ed by strangers? or emailed? :confused:
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    I think he's trying to be funny because he's sour that I've made him look the fool several times in the last week.
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    You do know your stuff, your only 1 step behind me.:D
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    Who looks like a fool? I was just asking a simple question. And I asked for your advice. Do you have a hard on fuckin with me?
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    I was referring to rolemodel. Chill out.
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    LOL, I'm the fool, not you, if I want a workout I just go to the pros if this is what your looking for.
    Heres a couple proven routines, http://www.dorianyates.net/
    Dennis Wolf, the white guy, is my new hero on the BB seen.
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    You do know that the articles "written" by the pros in muscle mags are actually written by a ghost writer, don't you? Like, the whole last 30 pages of MuscularDevelopment. You know, the pages in which the pros "have their own column". There's a reason that all 30 pages read exactly the same: it's because it was all written by the same fucking guy! :eek:
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    Im chilled, I have used sarcasm with you in every IM we have been engaged with, except it just seemed like you where attacking me. Its kinda hard to tell when people are sarcastic or flaming you on messages boards when your new. Personally, in the real world I dont care but my alter ego cyber gangsta self will pop a cap in that ass. Hpneslty though I just couldnt tell because you have used what seemed like insults in previous posts and it just seemed to carry over from here. My apologies.
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    Im not a huge fan of Muscle mag workouts. I have strenth I just seem to have a hard problem actualy building and keeping the mass. and lossing the fat around my stomach. People woulndt believe I run 3-5 miles 3 days a week with my size.
  12. Grizzly

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    Well, then the clear culprit is your diet. Clean it up.

    WRT your workout, I think there could be some serious changes.

    Firstly, I'm assuming you're listing the exercise in the order you do them. If this is the case, then why would you do bi's before back? Similarly, I think the deads should be on your back/bi day and not after squats.

    Honestly, if you're really looking for a 3 day a week, mass/strength gaining routine, then look into the 5X5 in the stickies at the top. You really can't beat it.
  13. Grizzly

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    Oh yeah, and I would definitely ditch the calf machine shrugs. Those suck. Also, I'd ditch the front raises and replace them with bent over lateral raises(for the rear delts) since you don't have work for them and the front delts get good work with all the pressing movements.
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    What I posted are not written by ghost writers, I read Dorien Yates's book "blood and guts" and that is when my body began going threw chances for the better when I began to grow. What I posted is from there own websites and you can bet they know whats on there. Besides Dorian's a writer himself and gets paid for it.
    Now Grizzly you try to debunk everything I say, thats why I know your an idiot. I started out @ 180, and am now 250 @ 11% bf which I checked yesterday. Ive only did 5 steroid cycles in my life and about to start another one soon. I get asked continually about working out because people notice things even at my age. Now for me to go to the next level I must refine my diet because I'm having a hard time giving up the pizza, ice cream, pie etc. 50% of your shape has to do with diet, if not more.
  15. role model

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    If your having trouble loosing the fat read and try this, it works especially the High intensity interval training wrestlers train this way.:

    What I learned at the Charles Poliquin Fat Loss Seminar


    These are the notes that I took from the Charles Poliquin Seminar that I attended on November 13, 2005. He certainly has some different takes on fitness people are used to.


    If over 10-12% body fat for a man, or over 15-20% for a woman, you are fat.

    The stronger your immune system, the easier it is to gain muscle and lose fat.

    The more insulin you produce, the faster you age.

    The best predictor of lifespan is muscle mass and strength


    Omega 3 Fatty Acids from pharmaceutical grade fish oils are the most valuable supplement you can take. The subject should take 15g/day for two weeks if deficient, then reduce the dosage to 5g/day indefinitely after that. Fish oils will help burn fat and prevent fat gain. They improve serotonin levels (mood), make it easier to move nutrients in and out of cell walls, reduce joint inflammation, decrease the amount of sugar your body will absorb, improves blood pressure and decrease insulin output when taken with a meal.

    You should take it throughout the day and rotate your source of EFAs every 10 days. Krill Oil is the best source as it also eliminates PMS and you dont need high doses of this type of oil.

    Fat people should not consume carbs post-workout. The best Post workout drink for a 200lb overweight man is: Whey Isolate 60g + Glutamine 20-80g + Glycine 20g. This will replenish glycogen while preventing fat gain.

    Adaptogens such as Red Korean Ginseng can help you recuperate from stress and tough workouts. Rhodiola Rosea is a very powerful adaptogen; take it when you need energy. It is a Cortisol Modulator, meaning that if your cortisol is too low it will help you raise it and if too high, it will help you lower it. Take only 1 tab per day, as it is very potent. Stevia is a natural sweetener and a great adrenal recovery aid. Cold Fx is also a surprisingly good product. It is good for adrenaline glands, fat loss, decreasing insulin output, and regenerates the pancreas.

    To help men raise testosterone Charles recommends the following. Zinc is low in all active men and plays an important role in test production. Zinc arginic is best, no more than 30mg/day. Holy Basil also helps raise testosterone.

    As for estrogen, DIM is a strong anti-estrogen that specifically targets the bad estrogens caused by phyto-estrogens in our environment.

    R-ALA is anabolic and promotes fat burning, only the R for is good, the S form of ALA is counter productive. It is an anti-oxidant that also promotes glucose transport into muscle cells. As well it Increases the metabolic rate and decreases insulin output.

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine is a healthy stimulant; it also improves memory and is anti-aging for the brain. It too increases insulin sensitivity.

    Charles recommends that one uses a good multi-vitamin when attempting to lose fat as fat loss releases toxins that are stored in your fat and your body will need all the vitamins and minerals it can get to fight these toxins.

    Estrogen 16 is a bad form of estrogen in our bodies that we want to eliminate, supplements that combat estrogen 16 are Broccoli extract, DIM and Green Tea

    Taurine is an amino acid that increases insulin sensitivity, increases cell communication, and increase carb metabolism.

    Magnesium Chelates are the key to preventing diabetes; everyone who is active is deficient in it, and it is this deficiency that creates diabetes. Magnesium also increases insulin sensitivity. One should Rotate the types of Mag, just make sure they all end in ate. Take it after 4:00pm, as it will improve your sleep.

    All stimulants raise cortisol, which is bad so use them sensibly. As for the fat burning supplement ephedrine, you do not need much ephedrine (8mg) to stimulate fat burning.

    If asparagus makes your urine smell you are deficient in Vitamin B9 and B12. Taking these B vitamins will help prevent Alzheimers


    High intensity interval training burns more calories overall than long slow cardio. The bulk of these calories are burned post exercise. Intervals should consist of 40 sec 2 min on, and 1 minute off. These sessions should last a max of 42 minutes total including warm-up. The bad news is that the workouts must be very intense, as the subject must get to nausea in order to produce enough lactic acid. Luckily 2 sessions per week is all that is needed to lose fat at a noticeable rate. The catch is that velocity without resistance is useless, so going really fast is not the answer. Working really hard against resistance is the solution.

    Continuous aerobic work (long jogs) raises cortisol, which in turn makes you fatter in the long run. So dont bother doing it unless it is sport specific training.

    For strength training, vary the program every 25 days; everything works, but only for a short time. Vary the exercises often so you overload the muscles at different points. You must surprise the muscles with something new in order to force it to adapt. Other possible changes include rest time, muscle grouping, tempo, etc.


    Approximately 75% of people are carb intolerant and should not be eating grains; the grains are getting people fat. The first step is to get the Omega 3s in balance by taking hi-quality fish oils. You must eat protein with every meal even breakfast. A meat and nut breakfast will make you leaner even if you do not change the rest of your diet. It is best if you rotate the meat each breakfast. Eat 6-7 meals per day with protein plus smart fats in every meal.

    A long-term low carbohydrate diet is the solution for fat people even after they have lost the fat. To begin the diet, eat only meat, fish, eggs, cheese and vegetables (50g of carbs per day or less). Follow this diet for 14 days then have a cheat day, eat whatever you want for the entire day. Return to the ultra low carb diet and have a cheat meal (one sitting) every 4th or 5th day.

    1. Once you are starting to lean out you can add berries to the diet. They are strong antioxidants and low glycemic.

    2. As you get leaner still you can introduce the Orange family of fruits.

    3. As you get leaner again you can add Plums, nectarines, peaches and apples.

    4. Then grapes and bananas

    5. Then the root vegetables such as yams, and sweet potatoes

    6. Then rice, the darker the better

    7. The last food to add is grains, and it should never be added for those that are carb intolerant. (If eating carbs made you fat)

    A no or low gluten diet is a good thing, it interferes with reaction time.

    Stick with this diet 80% of the time and you will do fine and not stressed out by it. Eat more vegetables.

    Do not eat Peanut Butter, even the natural kind; it contains a mould that has phyto-estrogens in it.

    Fructose syrup is the most fattening food we know of and it ages you; avoid it at all costs.

    Have your cheat meal late in the day instead of early when you are likely to keep eating bad the rest of the day. The best cheat meals have some nutritional value

    Fatty foods have a reputation for causing bad health but it is Carbs that raise cholesterol and bad blood lipids
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    I agree with tis post completely, always train larger muscles to smaller muscles in every workout.
    The 5x5 routine if done properly (most don't) will get you mass and strength with your top 3-4 exercises. But for me personally I always end up going back to a BB routine, because its much more refined and look better if you bf is lower.
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    Thank you everyone. I actually do target my big muscles first. I will add the changes that where recomnded and see if I get new results. Although the diet was ALOT of info to retain, however very very usefull, I guess long paraghraphs intimendate me more but it was all GREAT knowledge. Some i knew alot i should practice. In the past I stayed away from fish oils because I am allergic to fish, but I dont think I would have a alllerdic reacion to the fish oils. I wil have to consult my dr before I try it.

    Also I have tried the 5x5 workout routine when I was on a cycle. I gained more fat then muscle so I discountinued that routine also. But Im pretty sure I wasnt doing them 100% effective.

    I guess I stick with the front raises because I can bench 250 but 15lbs in front raises makes me look like a pansey all huffing and puffing. (more so with the side raises thou)
  18. Grizzly

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    I'm going to wager that you didn't actually do the 5X5. Were you squatting every time you were in the gym? If not, then you weren't doing it. 5 sets of 5 reps does not the 5X5 make.
  19. ThunderasCherub

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    Im going to Wager that your probally right. I did do the 5 sets 5 reps, and I did it with heavy weight and even though I could do the weight it just didnt feel liek I was truely working out. Where as i went back to using lighter 3x12 and I wake up saying FUCK that hurts so great. and no I didnt squat everytime.
  20. Grizzly

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    Yeah, you absolutely did not do the 5X5. Read the stickies and do THAT, not the crap you called the 5X5. ;)