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  1. Alright guys. I’m coming to the end of my cruise and looking to reap the most benefit on adding some quality muscle with the next blast coming up in a few weeks. In the last year and a half I’ve ran the PHAT program first (made tremendous progress with this), followed by my first meadows program which was Gamma Bomb during my last blast( gained and held onto roughly 8lb of muscle mass), and currently in the first quarter of his new creeping Death 2 Program to finish off the blast.

    Option 1: I had my eyes set on running Onslaught front John Meadows which is a upperbody focused program. I’d really like to develop my back a lot more and In doing so not let my chest lag too far behind. Overall fuck it I need to just grow all over to be quite honest.

    Option 2: is DC Training. I’ve recently became interested in this. I know it’s for advanced lifters and I don’t by any means consider myself a pro, but far from novice. I know it’s hard work. I have the discipline and drive to work hard that’s not the issue. I’m just not sure if I’m in the right position to run this style of training quite yet or if I should build some more muscle with Onslaught and then look into DC Training in the near future once I get a bit more muscle maturity.

    208.6 morning weight today
    Bf% roughly 10%
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    I am partial to DC :)
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    Did gamma bomb leave you any time for cardio? My phat workouts are 1 to 1.5 hours. How long did the GB workouts take?
  5. To be completely honest bro I haven’t done cardio in probably 6 months. I have a pretty physically active job and train a handful of clients on the side so I get free cardio almost everyday of the week with work tasks and moving around constantly. Haha
  6. The workouts were roughly an hour and fifteen to hour and a half
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  7. I would definitely go with option 1: Onslaught.

    I like the overall structure and detail far more than DC training. Bodybuilding is something that hopefully you will do for a very long time, so there is no reason to rush and go straight to the more 'hardcore' program hoping it will yield more gains since that's not always the case.

    Have you considered running a program made by yourself? While those you showed are great, none knows better your body and weak points as you do. That's what I'm currently doing, I have read and tried multiple programs but only now that I'm running my own I feel that I do something for my weak points.
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  8. Very true. I mean at this point that’s definitely something I could successfully do. Idk guess I have to think about that. Not a bad idea at all.
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    For me the DC its the shortest way to build mass simple quick and effective. But if you didn't have run intensity programms in the past i sugget you try a program first with intensity before go into DC do for like 6-8 weeks dorian style then come for 1-2 weeks of and then go on DC
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  10. Well if you mean by “intensity” I’ve ran a couple of meadows programs. But in all honesty I feel yes they’re intense but not to the extent of DC Training. So. Going all out balls to the wall failure I would say no I’ve neber progressively used that method before. I think I’m going to go with Onslaught and build my upper body a bit more, add some more shape and size, and then give DC a go in the future.
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    Both of those training programs are great, just don't neglect developing your own from time to time. We all like to follow routines but one day I woke up and said to myself, "you're an experienced guy, do what you think is best"

    I do the most unorthodox shit lately and it works. Full upper body day, full lower, if I need a day off then following day is cardio, OR I may jump rt back to upper body and begin again. Workouts are instinctive and could be any rep range per set from 8-50
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    Dante made a good post about those wanting to do dc. Basically two straight sets for exercises with a widow maker here and there.
    Helps prepare one for a real dc blast
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    x 2 this.... routines are great but knowing when you can push a session further, knowing what's lagging and what needs to be left alone... all important changes you need to know how to make. Building your own program is a way to train your brain to make those choices in the gym and train your body to be ready for everything.
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