Oprah for POTUS - it's a thing.

Discussion in 'Political Discourse' started by x11, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. x11

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    Not trolling.

    Someone stop the planet, I need to step off.
  2. flenser

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  3. insaiyan93

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    Probably be better than we got now though, so...
  4. MythotiK

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  5. OldmanRob

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    Wow, fucking nailed it, lol.

    Oprah for free shit in 2020, lolol
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  6. insaiyan93

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    Possibly, but only if "trump for nuclear holocaust 2016" doesn't pan out :)
  7. OldmanRob

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    No one will miss North Korea, they will be forgotten by 2019
  8. insaiyan93

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    True that, i sure wouldn't, bunch of cunts from what i can tell.

    However, i might miss the major city they potentially blow up in retaliation to chester cheeto being a giant cunt himself.
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  9. "You get a tax break and you get a tax break..." :rolleyes:
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  10. OldmanRob

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    Is your mission here just to call Trump a cunt, well done.

    We could have ended up with Killary but thankfully the real cunt was kept out of office.

    We could have been just like France or Germany by now but we dodged that one thankfully.

    Or better yet, we could still be getting kicked in the balls by Isis just like the Muzzie bitch Obama was twisting us into.

    Or better yer, let's be socialist and get Bernie in there, so many great libtard choices to pick from.
  11. x11

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  12. Xlgx

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  13. Ironlyfe80

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    Yep, now we'r just the laughing stock of the world. It would have been better if we had real candidates for president. #fuckthe2partyscam
  14. OldmanRob

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    I don't agree with the laughing stock part but I agree with you on the two party system. That needs to go.

    We can't be the laughing stock with most of the world sucking our dick for protection.
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  15. Ironlyfe80

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    I'm not trying to argue, but I'm a little ignorant to some issues as I refuse to watch any kind of "news". What countries do we protect? Besides Japan since we are legally required to do.
  16. Eman

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    Policy > celebrity
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  17. OldmanRob

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    We were damn near fully supporting NATO for decades, common knowledge.

    President Trump finally told the other countries to pay up their fair share.

    We protect most of the world.
  18. Ironlyfe80

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    Ok. I thought it was more like we stuck our noses in where they shouldn't be solely out of financial interests, i.e. oil. In my life time, I don't recall any conflicts where we were "protecting" anybody.
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