Optimal protein intake while bulking / macronutrient partitioning

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    I have been doing 30P/50C/20F for a while, usually aim to get 2,2 grams of protein per kg of lbm from primary protein sources and fill the rest out from secondary sources.

    What do you guys do?
  2. It depends on my current goal. If I want to cut I have to increase the ratio of protein per kg, and I opt for 2.8g per kg. When I bulk I go for 1.8-2.0g per kg. It might be just me but when bulking I really want to raise total carbs just to have great workouts.
  3. Normally do a ratio of 20%f 45%c 35%p

    As I go back to tightening up I drop % of carbs. Raise protein to 40% and make up the rest in fats and just adjust per what the mirror tells me.
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    I think protein should always stay the same while one manipulates carbs and fats.
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    I'm honest debating on getting these huge buckets of mass gainer from GNC.

    I eat fairly clean and have a protein shake every day but right now I can't afford a solid bulking diet.

    Mass gainer is better than nothing I suppose...
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    It's crazy expensive to use those shakes
    $60 for 14 shakes?

    Blender + milk/almond milk+2 scoops whey, 1-1.5cups quick oats, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2fbsp peanut butter. There you go, over 600-800cal real food for about $2-3 a serving

    To answer the original question I tend to stay around 1.5g protein when bulking, and higher when in prep/cutting
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    That's about what I've been doing. Blew a few hundo on a Vitamix and have been using it everyday. Still don't feel like I'm getting enough carbs/calories.

    I would supement my normal routine with this..

    MuscleTech™ MASS-TECH® EXTREME 2000 - Triple Chocolate Brownie | GNC

    At my local GNC I can buy 2 containers for $150

    20 servings per container

    Lazy but will work
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    I’m around 35/50/15, so just a slight deviation from yours. I have to take in a ton of carbs or I’m lethargic as fuck, all day.
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    This x100. Why anyone buys those overpriced mass gainer, sugar laden bullshit is beyond me.

    Also a bunch of guys hyper focus on ‘type of protein powder’ and think they should throw down stacks on 3-4 different ones for different absorption rates. As if, adding some olive oil and shredded oats to whey, doesn’t change it from a PWO shake to a solid meal with slower absorption :p
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    I don't count macros. I just eat every chance I get.
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    40-40-20 for me when bulking with test and NPP. Don't use any of that weight gain powder brother, Whole Foods are so much better and honestly a burrito from Taco Bell would blow you up more than that bulking powder. Just a simple chicken fajita there contains 38 carbs 28 protein 27 fat for 510 calories. If I wasn't always eating a pound of chicken breast I could honestly devour three or four of these chicken quesadillas. By the way a pound of chicken breast has over a hundred and ten grams of protein, throw some curry sauce on there and rice and bam No Weight Gainer needed
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  12. Definitely count macros and if you like number crunching as much as I do, count the essential micronutrients as well.

    For Bulking:

    • Protein: 1.8g-2.3g per kg is a generally accepted range. Wouldn't go higher than that though, even if you are on gear.
    • Fats: 20-30% of your total calories should go to healthy fats.
    • Carbs: The rest calories fill 'em with carbs.

    I would probably stick with 20% fats since carbs can help you push more weight in the cage, hence better hypertrophy in the long run.
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