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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    My goal is to replace/tweak my Hormone levels to that of a 25-30 year old (I am 40). Can someone tell me what the optimum levels would be of the following hormones in that age group for these hormones (I will also include the results of my last blood test a month ago, where I was on an steroidal over the counter supplemement which is now being discontinued due to violation of the steroid ban, with no other TRT being administered...it worked but looks like it dropped my E2 too low and raised my cortisol):

    Total T: 902 (241-827)
    Free T: 45.8 (8.7-25.1)
    SHBG: Did not test for
    E2: 17: (0-53) (way to low, my libido went bye bye)
    DHEA SULFATE: 224 (120-520)
    DHEA (if different from above, did not test for it)
    igf-1 Did not test for it
    DHT: 25
    CORTISOL: 20.9 (3.1-22.4)

    Some other questions I have:

    Does total T really matter or is it Free T that is the more important?

    Are DHEA and DHEA SULFATE different tests? Is it important to supplement with DHEA?
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    earthdog Junior Member

    Free T is more important, but I've never seen it without Total T being taken as well.

    I don't think DHEA supplementation is that important, unless you have a deficiency.

    What were you taking?
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    I was taking a product by ALRI called ULTRA HOT, which was a T booster/AI product. It has since been revised to a newer product called ULTRA HOTTER, but now is discontinued because it had some stuff in it that were steroidal compounds. It worked like awesome except for bringing E2 too low.

    This link describes the product: http://www.a1nutritionproducts.com/buy/alri/ultra_hot/60
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    earthdog Junior Member

    Wow. Your free T is almost twice the normal range. I wonder if that supplement reduced your SHBG. Anyway, Swale, I believe, aims to get T in the upper-normal range, and everything else at midrange. Not sure about IGF, though.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    SWALE told me that he puts men on HGH if there igf-1 is under 300. A good rule is to keep your Total and Free T in the upper 1/3 of your labs range.
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    Matt Muscle

    Matt Muscle Junior Member

    PM....are you totally sure swale puts guys on GHRT if thier IGF-1 is below 300??
    Mine is around 23 nmol/l (170ng/ml) if i have the conversion correct, and i thought that was too high for GHRT.:confused:
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    LiquidGib Junior Member

    I just want to comment on your testosterone levels. I think your levels are optimal and pretty close to the ideal range. You are maximizing your free testosterone while remaining within the normal range for total testosterone which seems to be the goal of true TRT (aside from maximizing subjective benefits).

    *Just double checked your total T and I see that it is actually outside of the range, but pretty close nevertheless.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    I posted my IGF-1 test result at the H2 group and he said that most Dr.'s in longevity will put a man on HGH under 300 my test was 138 range 71 to 290 ng/mL. My Dr. felt the test was good in the mid range. I was never able to get back to Dr. John on my labs range.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    My IGF-1 levels were at 312 in Feb of this year. I guess my primary questions are, what is the optimum level for say a 25 year old in prime health? As well as DHEA, SHBG, Cortisol, etc.

    I realize from the Excel chart that has been passed around here that the ideal Total T level is around 650 ng/ml, which is indeed in the upper 1/2 of most ranges.

    Should Free T be in the upper 1/3 as well, and is there a difference between Free T and Bioavailable T? I have had tests done by both Quest and Labcorp in the past and they differ somewhat with the specific naming of the T breakdowns.
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    1cc Junior Member

    Get this new book. It will answer most of your questions and more.

    "The Life Extension Revolution" by Philip Lee Miller, M.D. and the Life Extension Foundation.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Both Total and Free T should be in the upper 1/3 of you labs range. I am not sure on the Free T or Bioavailable T never had Bioavailable T done or is it the calculated Free T that is called Bioavailable that is done in the UK. Now bear in mind we are talking about men on TRT and what there levels should be at by age. Here is a link that has levels by age.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    Thanks 1cc, I will check that book out. I am a big fan of Life Extension Foundation. They usually have the latest in research.
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    Phil, thanks for the link. The SHBG numbers should be of some help. I just wish I understood the way they measure the Free T compared to the way Labcorp does mine, as shown above in my most recent test.

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