Optitropin HPLC results

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    Meso Members, my apologies for not posting the results of my Somatropin earlier in this section. I only uploaded them to my thread. Due to unforeseen circumstances and getting overlooked after numerous pages it was suggested to post them here.

    Optis_HPLC_001_page 1.jpg
    Optis_HPLC_001_page 2.jpg
  2. When will we be able to order again?
  3. He said he was closing down and moving to Guatemala to be a missionary for the church of Jesus Christ.

    i'm afraid you fell victim to the old, you snooze you lose, adage.

    Maybe, just maybe, i'm messing with you and his thread in the UG just spoke of a recent restock?

    But you'll never know if you don't check it out. ;):D
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    @opti did you send in another vial for testing?
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    Hey @Logan44551, a vial is being sent in by @bolder for analysis. (content & dimer)

    He purchased several kits and posted that he was indecisive whether to get some blood work done or send to @Weights & Measures. We all know that HPLC analysis is much more accurate. I told him to make arrangements to get the vial out to W&M and I would cover the cost. I hope to have results soon and post them here as well as the thread I have over in the UG section.
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  8. mercury

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    I say it is fake, it is not your report. You got if from somewhere.

    busted :)

    Can you explain exactly what you sent to the lab and what kind of equipment was used.

    Testing HGH is different from testing steroids and it cannot be done the same way steroids are tested.

    I do operate HPLC, GC/MS and you cannot fool me.
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    Mercury I haven't laughed that hard in a while thxs man. LMFAO!!!!!
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  10. And i say you have an agenda.

    LabMax Colorimetric Analyses | JuicedMuscle.com
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  11. mercury

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    trying to discredit me with something I have nothing to do does not make the lab reports credible suddenly but makes you
    associate of OPI and probably his another handle bolder

    who posted similar report later. and you have agenda not me.

    it also makes you clueless ignorant since the test posted there is not labmax but copycat or counterfeit. whoever posted it probably did not have clue what he was talking about and read some nonsenses posted by others.
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  12. Oh, no no no. Just the contrary. Your name is synonymous with LabMax. The proof is in your post history. And yes, i'm sure the link i posted was just another guy that happened to also be named Mercury, who hangs out on steroid forums and pushes those junk color tests. Happens all the time.

    Anything you have to say in regards to ANY form of alternative testing is biased and should be ignored.

    We're done here. The proof of your underhanded business tactics is there for everyone to see. Anyone with an IQ over 6 can easily see that you're a self promoting bag of hot air.

    Good luck peddling your inaccurate color changing kits to the educated members of Meso, dufus.
  13. mercury

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    then your IQ must be below 6

    I am done wasting time on you.
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    Hey dick when you mention me in your posts, tag me, so I can respond to the bullshit accusations coming from your ignorance.
    I’m more than happy to give a response to anyone with a question. All you have to do is ask and tag me but instead you must have thought by not tagging me that maybe I wouldn’t see it and not comment. Idk?...
    So for future reference when referring to me- Tag me, such a dick move by not doing so! Dick!
    I’m gonna answer to what I think you questioned even though you didn’t ask any questions but instead threw out accusations! Try to keep up.

    The reason why the reports that I posted and the ones that @opti posted look similar is because the report is coming from the same testing lab @Weights & Measures .
    The watermark texts is @opti idea and wanted me to do something similar when I posted my report so that another source (or member) couldn’t just copy it, photoshop it, or whatever to falsely use it. To make it look like their selling tested hgh or trying to claim store credit from a source that sells hgh. To simplify it for you: so it’s not used to SCAM one way or another! Which I thought was a great idea and had no problem downloading a watermark app to do so!

    This is the only handle I have! If you’d have searched my history posts here you could have probably came to that conclusion yourself.
    But hey, it’s easier to be a dick and throw out accusations without proof, right!?
    You can play with your LabMax kits all you want. If I want to know real results I’ll send my shit in to an analysis lab where I can get accurate reports, dick!

    FYI; here’s what it looks like to be tagged, @mercury Dick!

    You’re welcome.
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  15. mercury

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    OPTI = Bolder

    those are reports which came from pathology lab and were done on tissue sample, found somewhere on internet.

    retouched in photoshop to look like made on HGH from OPI
  16. He's a worthless, semiliterate jackass that doesn't like actual analytical testing getting in the way of his silly little match-a-color steroid kit profits. Put him on ignore. He belongs there.
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    Prove it.

    Burden of proof lies on the accuser.
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  18. bolder

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    Wow. You are an idiot! Still didn’t tag me. You must be slow.
    W&M knew I was sending the sample. They also knew what my handle was here because I pmd him to see what I needed to do, dick!
    I didn’t label the sample as anything. Just a random vial from a kit I have. I didn’t put “sample 1” or “sample x” on it. So I’m assuming they used my handle name here to name the sample, dumbass!
    You have all these accusations but nothing to prove yourself! You’re just a
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    @mercury is Dave Palumbo. I have no proof, but you both push bullshit testing. So. Must be.
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    He’s trying to make it easier to ignore him, the dumb fuck doesn’t even tag me to respond for whatever reason?

    I don’t like being accused of shit that isn’t true. He’s saying that I’m the same person as the hgh source @opti and sounds to me like he’s accusing me of photoshopping the lab reports. Then doesn’t have anything to back it up, go figure.
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