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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by gabrielblauth, May 3, 2018.

  1. gabrielblauth

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    Guys, I’m making some steroids at home, and I will use 50 mg oxymetholone and 50mg aromasin everyday (tren and test as well, but they’re ready). I got the powders, but I don’t wanna put it on capsules. If I use the ORA PLUS, what is the quantity to mix with the powders? Considering that I want to put both together. Thank you!!
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    If you dont have the ora plus yet and arent dead set on that way you could just put your desired amount of raw powder in a container, add 50% glycerin, 50% everclear to the desried volume and shake and use. Cant get simpler, doesnt have to be exact. Just about 50/50
  3. gabrielblauth

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    Buddy, I heard about it, but doesn’t make sense for me to drink alcohol while I’m using oral roidz.. what do u think about it? It’s the same than mix my chocolate whey with whisky lol
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    Dude I’d still buy the oraplus cause it’s cheaper and tastes a lot better.

    You can also make your oraplus go farther by mixing it 50/50 with water.

    The alcohol is minimal. It would not be enough to effect your gains.
    Sorry, I never answered your question.

    Your kind of asking us to do the math for you... laaaaammme.

    5g powder = 5,000mg or 100x 50mg doses.
    Remember that the 5 grams of powder displaces some of the Oraplus. Usually a little less than 1ml per gram. Let’s round up cause I’m to lazy to google the exact displacement. (You can do that)

    So add 95mls of oraplus to your 5gs of powder= 100mls of 50mg/1ml.

    I would use just one if of your syringes without the needle to measure your doses.
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  5. gabrielblauth

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    Nice. Let’s use ORA plus. How do I do this? I mean.. I have 3 grams of oxymetholone and 3 grams aromasin. How much ora plus should I add to this 6 grams powder?!
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    Did you not read my last post?
    That was some hardcore spoon feeding right there..

    Usually my golden rule would be if you have to ask, you probably shouldn’t be fucking around with homebrewing steriods.

    ALSO you just used the phrase “6 grams of powder” I hope to god you weren’t even considering mixing those to raws together to make 1 solution of 50/50 aromasin and oxymetholone.
    Cause your starting to worry me.
  7. gabrielblauth

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    Sorry I didn’t see the second part!! Lol

    What I wanted to ask was about the powder concentration for oraplus. perhaps with little oraplus and a lot of powder, It could saturate. So... 95 ml of oraplus to 5 g of powder would be a fair amount.

    Is there any problem if I mix oxy and aromasin with the same oraplus? Lol I have experience to homebrew injectable hormones, but it’s gonna be my first time doing oral stuff. That’s why my questions seems stupid
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    Well I mean the oraplus can only hold so much, I’m sure it says on the back of the bottle.

    To answer your second question YES. There is a definite problem with that. The fact that you have to ask that worries me.

    Can you not see the many problems with mixing A-bombs and your AI in the same solution?
    Have you even cycled steriods before?
    You need to go to the introduction forum and tell us who you are man.

    What if your half way threw your cycle and you need to lower or raise your AI cause your estrogen is all out of wack.

    Edit: At this point I am only helping you cause I believe in harm reduction.
    IMO you should not be brewing or taking steriods.
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    @macabremitch @Evom1
    Can you tell this guy he shouldn’t be brewing if he still has these types of questions.
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  10. Apexvallen

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    Gabriel, make two different solutions please. You cannot have Anadrol mixed in with your AI. It makes no sense.
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  11. gabrielblauth

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    I got it. Thank you guys. I gonna use it separately.
  12. baddaddee

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    50mg of aromasin a day?
  13. gabrielblauth

    gabrielblauth Junior Member

    25mg!!! My bad lol
  14. baddaddee

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    Brother, you may want to research that a little more. Standard dose is 12.5 EOD. For me, even that much crushes my estrogen.
    Also, you don't want to mix the 2 compounds.