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    Have friends who will never pin but always ask me about aas. I know they have low T but they refuse doctor for trt. I know nothing about orals only and never used them so my knowledge is limited, I look up all day at cycles going back 2 years and everyone stack with IM. I believe oral limit is 8 weeks, safer at 6 weeks.

    Can someone recommend a cycle or point me to a thread that talks about oral only cycles. I would think 40mg of Anavar and 50mg Win everyday for 8 weeks would be about it. Maybe 40mg of clen everyday alternate weeks.

    Then because the half life of orals is so short you start pct right away? 50mg clomid everyday and 40mg nolvadex eod for 4 weeks or would you half dosage week 3-4?
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    I think your heart is in the right place trying to help them out, even if it's misguided.

    The only answer to your question is to take a baseball bat, or a pillow case filled with bricks, and beat them unconscious. Hopefully, when they wake up or come out of the coma, they'll have forgotten the oral only idea. If not, you'll have to go for round two.

    Let us know how it worked out... Godspeed.
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    How old are you? What’s your training history? Is your diet in check?

    1st, as a man, it is a terrible idea to do an oral only cycle because you will get shut down. Anything you “gain” will be lost from you getting shut down and having to recover from a short as fuck 6 week oral only weak ass cycle.

    2nd, if you are not cycling AAS to begin with or are trying to extreme diet for a competition, then you don’t need AAS to “cut” as AAS serves more as a muscle preserver during a cut for someone that has established some size already.

    If you just want to cut, then why not just run some ECA stacks or some clen/albuteral during morning cardio and kill it with getting your diet and nutrition rock solid? You would probably lose more weight and not have to fuck up your hormones in the process.
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    Pretty much what I figured. And why searching all day finds nothing with oral only. every cycle has at test involved.


    What I try to say

    Don't know. I will google what 'ECA' means. As I say not really knowledgeable of oral meds. I suggested Adipex and ephedra, didn't know clen can be taken standalone but I'll look it up. I keep telling them if they don't pin at least subq then it's pretty worthless. problem is if they really have low t then coming off cycle of anything puts them in shit no matter what