Ordering third cycle. TREN, DECA or something else?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Motoman22, Dec 12, 2016.

  1. Motoman22

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    Hey guys, I've done two cycles so far and I'm in my early twenties. If you're going to talk shit about my age, don't bother because I've heard enough, learned enough and I've already made my decision. Recovered perfectly fine both times and retained 3/4 of my gains each time with bacne being the worst side effect (I've dealt with it since 8th grade regardless of gear).

    First cycle: 10 weeks Test E 500mg per week w/12.5 aromasin Eod. nolva/clomid pct

    Second Cycle: First 5 weeks 500mg Test E per week along with 50mg T-bol ED, then 6 more weeks 750mg Test E. PCT Nolva/Clomid/Horny Goat Weed.

    I'm about a month past pct and taking two more months off (at least) before starting the third cycle to prep for my vacation/summer. However, I want to add something like tren or Deca to this cycle to get me crazy shredded and jacked. T-bol was a nice kick starter but gave me terrible lower back pumps to the point that I thought my kidneys were fucked. I've been told Test/Tren/D-bol is a good cycle but idk how I feel about D-bol. T-bol was enough in my opinion and I don't really want to deal with the water retention or estro conversion.

    I'm going to use hcg this cycle as well for extra protection but I'm not sure what exactly to order. I know I'm buying Test E, HCG and Clomid (I still have aromasin on hand). Not sure if I should add T-bol again, D-bol, Winny, Tren or Deca (Var is too pricey for me). Any thoughts?
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    Back pumps r goimg to be just as bad on dbol and var .. with tren I don't get bad back pumps but I get painful shoulder pumps
  3. Test_Subject

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    Verified by blood work or "my nuts are back to full size" brolore?
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  4. SauceBoss

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    Test e at 500 week dbol 50mgs a day for first 3 weeks week 8-12 tren ace 50mgs eod and diet or winny/var for finisher

    I would bump up aromasin dose too if your going to run dbol and pre order training bras
  5. legendary

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    I wouldn't run tren yet. I'm pushing 40 and just tried it. And mentally it was a struggle with self control.

    I'm not gonna preach about age but early 20s I would wait a few years for tren. Or atleast a few more cycles.

    I would say test,deca and if you want a oral use that first 4-6 weeks till deca kicks in. Or just go test/npp.
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  6. Motoman22

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    Would Test, T-bol, Deca and finish with winny be a good idea?
  7. legendary

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    I have never touched winny and have no desire to. As soon as I hear joint pain I stay away. Test/deca can't go wrong. Or test/npp only oral I ran was var I loved it.
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  8. System7

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    Winny will turn your joints to dust especially if your like me and you aromatise heavily and rely on AI's to control e2. Prop/NPP is my vote. Good stuff.
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  9. Motoman22

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    I'm thinking I'll run Test/Tbol/Deca then. How many weeks and what dose Deca would you guys say?
  10. legendary

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    14 weeks but stop deca at 12
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  11. Motoman22

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    So I'm thinking this then:
    Test E: 500mg weeks 1-14
    Deca: ?mg weeks 1-12
    Tbol: 50mg weeks 1-5
    hcg: ?
    aromasin: 12.5 EoD weeks 2-16
    Caber: ?

    Caber is also probably a necessity for prolactin control while on deca, right? I do not want ANY Deca dick issues. My girlfriend would be pissed. Not sure what to run HCG at or how long either since I've never used it.
  12. legendary

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    I don't run hcg. Fucks with e2 with me anyway. I personally go 1for1 test deca. But that's me. You may want cialis low mg on hand just in case. It also helps with BP that might get raised. If first time deca maybe try 2-1 test deca. Idk tho. See what others say.
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  13. rugerjitsu

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    If you want to get crazy, hit the Deca at 600mg/wk...you'll be a monster. Otherwise, you can get nice results with as little as 300mg/wk.
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  14. System7

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    Less is definitely more for me on the hcg. 250iu twice a week. I also like low dose cialis for bp and other benefits.
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  15. penche

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    At your age you shouldn't run cycles by time. You should run them by blood work to see if you have properly recovered. Or you might end up pinning for life at an early age. I'm a lifer at 34 started at 33. Best of luck
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  16. Mr.B66

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    I would run 500 testE and 500 deca PW and clean up my diet to get ripped, cause getting your bf low is all about the diet brother.
    Good luck!!
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  17. truthwalker

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    I just finished a 14 week cycle of test and deca. I ran the test cyp at 600 and the deca at 400. I also kickstarted with 10mg superdrol ED for the first 6 weeks, and I fucking loved it.

    I know a lot of people get bad sides from Superdrol, but I get absolutely zero. And it won't convert to estrogen, the gains are very dry.

    That being said, I had no need for caber on this cycle, and neither does anyone else. If anyone would, it would be me bc I have pre existing gyno, due to prolactin. Had I known that all you have to do is control estrogen effectively to eliminate any possible prolactin sides, I wouldn't have this fucking gyno.

    Truth be told, at one point I upped the deca dose to 600mg and test to 750 and I got leaky nips. You'd think Id be fucked bc I had no caber, but I ran 1mg arimidex for 3 days, then .5mg for 3 days, then back to .25mg EOD and had no more problems.

    Test deca dbol should be a fantastic cycle for you, just make sure your diet is 100% and you will see great results.

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  18. Hey bro, deca is really good, if you fear deca dick, get proviron25mg and cialis 10mg ed preworkout.
    Control your estro and you could get caber. With tbol it would be a nice cycle