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  1. Biggles48

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    I wanted to start a thread to connect with older experienced guys to share info and bounce shit off each other, get and give advice based upon your years of experience, or for new older guys to get good info. This entire forum is packed with great information but you can, at times, see a stark contrast between the advice shared by long time AAS veterans and someone in their early 20’s. This is not to say that someone in their 20s does not have great information to share, but let’s be honest-there is hardly a single one of us who can look back on our own lives as twenty-somethings and say we weren’t fucking clueless idiots who needed a constant kick in the ass. We were hardly qualified to give advice on any goddamn thing of importance, least of all topics like this. Age + experience + mistakes + success = wisdom. It would be nice to have a place to find you old fuckers so we dont have to read 1000 pages to weed out a response from a vet with some important shit to say.

    I’m closing in on 50. Self administer TRT, and occasionally add in other AAS. I have learned more in this forum than I ever thought possible, and I’m smart enough to know I still don’t know nearly enough in the grand scheme of things.

    So how many of you old timers are out there?
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  2. Btcowboy

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    Subbed, 44 just finished my first blast and now on self administered trt/cruise.
  3. Girth

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    40+ here as well. These days I'm more about anti-oxidants and healing than I am about size. Seen both ends of the spectrum and I think we all learn eventually that unless you are competing for $...being as big as possible doesn't have the appeal it did in your 20's.
  4. lightspan

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    subbed. 47 and on self-admin TRT with occasional blasts. No need to be a giant, just stay healthy and strong.
  5. bob357sig

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    48and have been back to lifting for 2 years. For me it’s all about recomp and joint health now. I totally agree with op, some of the dosages some of these guys are using now is just scarry to me. Nothing like I remember 20 years ago. All these AI’s and designer compounds just add to a lot of the confusion for me. I see guys saying it’s their first cycle and are already talking about taking aromisin and shit. Don’t get me wrong, I like learning new things and new compounds but I just don’t agree with all these AI uses, unless it is really needed. I still cycle, im just not ready for trt yet.
  6. lightspan

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    I’m not sure I understand you here. What is the issue with using an aromatase inhibitor? I’ve run several cycles over the last 5 years and use an AI to address high estrogen symptoms and prevent gyno. I can’t see why anyone would have an issue with using an AI to control estrogen (and the knock on elevated prolactin when running 19-nors).

    Not trying to be argumentative but can you explain your rationale? Perhaps I’m missing something. I’m big and a little slow so it’s entirely possible. :D
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  7. bob357sig

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    What my issue is with is more to do with dosages, not really just AI use. I just don’t understand using a gram of something and having to rely on an AI, when you could just lower the dose and not have to use another compound. Maby this is just old school thinking? I just see guys here saying they are taking almost a gram of test, 600 mg tren, 100 mg Adrol day, and they weigh less then 200 lbs, and they are in their early 20’s.
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  8. lightspan

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    Fair enough, I get where you’re coming from. For me if I run 500 mg of test I need an AI. But running a gram? Lord have mercy, my nipples hurt thinking about it.
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  9. bob357sig

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    Lol, i do ok on 500 mg test without an AI, I have never had any gyno issues but do run into blood pressure issues now.
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  10. Monstar

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    44, doctor prescribed TRT for last 7 years. Lifting for >25 years. I'm about as big as I want to be ~230s. Conditioning, strength, health etc...
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  11. Wheelhouse

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    I don't even run an AI anymore. Currently using 10mg of nolva ed with current blast just to block some estrogen at the receptors.

    Elevated estrogen levels don't bother me in fact I think it's very beneficial. Maybe I'm just one of the lucky ones who it's not prone to sides.
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  12. BamBam76

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    42 here, mostly cruise and blast. Doc said my test levels were low and I should consider trt. No insurance so self administer.
    I'm a butcher so getting big is a side effect of my job, so is fucked up shoulders. I just care about looking good naked and being able to pick my woman up and throw her on the bed.
    Learned a lot here mostly lurking.
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  13. porky

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    Anybody run test U ? The Nebido dosing protocol seems whack.
  14. Biggles48

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    Yeah, I think more and more guys are starting to self administer to get around the high price racket of the TRT docs and the total ignorance of the mainline "medical professionals". I learned that if you're going to do it though, you have to go all in and get those labs done, and know what that shit means when you get your results, which is what I'm learning now. I'm on trt for life, on a cruise now, blasting soon. I'm not into any type of competitive bb, I'm just competing with myself and fighting back the clock.
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  15. Wheelhouse

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  16. Wheelhouse

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    I'm pretty much in the same boat. If you already haven't look in HGH
  17. m314

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    I'm 43. I did my first cycle 14 years ago, and I've been blasting and cruising for 10 years. Staying on test year round was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
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  18. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Good thread here. I’m 43 and finishing up my first year of AAS blasts and TRT cruises. Definitely learned a lot and the more I learn the more convinced I am that this is the best lifestyle decision I ever made. Definitely feel younger, healthier, and happier than I ever have before. This in turn has made the wife feel younger, healthier and happier. We joke around about how old we wanted to be in our 30s and how we act like teenagers again while in our 40s.

    I’m still enjoying being as big as I possibly can be and moving big weights. I do see the end of that though and will lighten up in the next couple years. Until then I’m still enjoying these big blasts. I look forward to many years of test and primo after I bust it thru these next couple years of test and nandrolone/tren blasts.
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  19. m314

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    In the past I've done test u at 500 mg every other week. I'm currently running it at 225 mg/week. I just started this batch last month, so I'm not sure if this is the right dose yet. I'll get bloodwork next week to check. I feel great, though.

    I'm planning on a couple international trips next year, so staying on test u will simplify things. I don't think I'll ever go back to test e or cyp.
  20. Morefyah

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    I’ve gone theee weeks between test e shots multiple tiMes and felt just fine.
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