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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by rdm2005, Feb 25, 2005.

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    rdm2005 Junior Member

    Just wondering has any one used the over the counter estrogen blocker and if so do they really work?
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    Beefy Junior Member

    If you're talking about 6-OXO and the like, they are fine for off cycle help. Just like tribulus can be beneficial to test levels. Don't depend on anything at GNC to protect you from gyno or get you back to homeostasis after a cycle, though. If you're using real steroids you need real anti-e's....

    I've taken 6-OXO with tribulus (Vitrex) before for about 6 weeks. It broke me out a little, but it was helpful in the gym and I seemed to sleep better.
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    dragula Junior Member

    I've found M by biotest is very effective, at least while being off-cycle. I would never attempt to use an OTC supplement as an anti-e while on-cycle
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    BigRanger Junior Member

    Bro i don't understand why you would even fuck with that shit when the real thing is easily obtained on websites and cheap.............
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    miamiblue Junior Member

    My buddy two years ago got chryslin from GNC on a dbol cycle! (I know everyone is flaming that cycle :) But it was actually pretty impressive because he kept a HUGE AMOUNT of his gains, and the chryslin from GNC seemed to do the job. People are recommending me to get chryslin from ebay! Anyone disagree with that?
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    rdm2005 Junior Member

    i saw this stuff at a supplement store called novedex xtreme, a anti aromatase testosterone booster, and guy said he gets a lot of requist for it. has anyone tried this stuff, tell me what you think
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    joeycrabcakes Junior Member

    if youre talking about the stuff by gaspari, i just picked some up because i heard good things. havent used it yet though.
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    synthol Junior Member

    Aromax for me

    actually things like 6Oxo and Aromax do work well, and even for arimidex and nolvadex users they should be employed because the body will get used to one drug/compound and alter the isoform of aromatase and other transcription factors to affect estrogen conversion. I prefer Aromax over 6OXO cuz its cheaper and more bioavailable.
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    smitty4 Junior Member

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    synthol Junior Member


    Well, I got my Aromax at www.RxBody.com and they told me that (according to them Author L Rea has stated that so he is the original source).

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