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    What up dudes! So.... I'm currently living in a way that like 1% of Americans have the privilege and burden of living in. Have any of you guys had stuff sent to a PO BOX before? Ive got shit in the mail to many of my home addresses before with no problems... But as far as ordering to a PO BOX goes? Shit!.. is the mail screened the same as a home mailbox, or is it different? I'm on TRT and have had my prescription meds mailed to me no problem. But... just wondering... anyone ever mailed shit to the post office and picked up before?
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    Yes it happens.
    No advantage except the mail doesn't show up at your door(if you consider that an advantage)

    You need two forms of id to open one up.

    Disadvantage is fedex is sometimes a little bitch when it comes to shipping to PO boxes. And sometimes bigger packs have to be held in the back if there's no room.
    Some sources will flat out not ship it to a PO box for some reason. Fuck those sources.

    Not really much advantage unless you don't want it to come directly to your house for some reason.

    Edit: I have answered this question multiple times in multiple threads.
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    I have one for when the kids aren’t in school, Never had any issues!
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    what do you mean your living in a way only 1% of Americans have the privilege of living in?
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    The privileged and burden part stumped me. Either military or hes happy and sad about being homeless.:confused:
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    Openly gay, duh!
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    your always a step ahead of me. lol

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    Maybe 1% like the super rich folks? Love it when the tough guys have to tell everyone how tough they are, the super rich have to tell everyone how 1% they are. Lol. Kind of like being a bitcoin millionaire but not being able to afford a pizza party.
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    No one caught the 1% reference? How sad. Only 1% ever serve this country in the DOD.

    Seen more guys kicked out for roids than weed while I was in the AF.
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    Meh, the army was always weed and coke. They don’t care if we get big af :D