Pain in upper right side of abdomen after alcohol

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by ZeeCuz, Aug 17, 2010.

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    ZeeCuz Junior Member

    Hey guys i need your help since doctors so far are useless!
    Almost every time after i drink alcohol (8-15 drinks a night is my range) i wake up with a dull discomfort/pain just under my right ribs but abit more to the centre. It only hurts when i lie on my side or when i sit slouched / try breathe in deep it sorta stops the breathe at the end.

    Ive had this since about february 2010. I stop drinking Mid June till Mid August and now it hurts again. Ive had an ultrasound done and they told me I have "mild diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver" But my doctor told me not to worry bout that, just lose abit of weight and cleaner diet..which i already have a good clean diet.(im not even fat, im bout 15% bf and weigh like 82kg 1m80cm)

    so he tells me not to worry bout it, to try not to drink too much but if it hurtsagain come back in. SO i went in and he asked me to go for a CT scan. i went and did it and again...nothing picked up, all normal...liver, pancrease, spleen etc. they found nothing wrong.

    Now there telling me to go into hospital to get a camera stuck dwn my throat to check it out in there :/ i duno if i want to do this because so far they hvnt been able to tell me anything thru there scans n ultrasounds.

    Is the sorta pain/discomfort im feeling caused by fatty liver commonly? or is this something different?
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    CubbieBlue Member

    For awhile I was getting a persistant flank pain that seemingly got worse when I drank. It persisted for about a year and kind of ebbed and flowed. When I was lifting heavily I noticed it the most (I also poked and prodded it a lot and it got worse when I did that.) I didn't really connect the dots until I stopped lifting during the rugby season and it went away completely. Turns out it was just a strained muscle. I think out drinking I am usually standing up, walking around, leaning, using that muscle and making it worse.

    Long story short it may be muscoloskeletal and not have any serious cause. Regardless, if you have a fatty liver I would stop drinking 15 drinks in a row! Yeah, I used to be there too, slamming 20+ beers in a night, but it's not smart dude!
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    ZeeCuz Junior Member

    it could be, ive thought of that but uhh, it doesnt hurt when i do heavy squats, deadlifts or any lifts. doesnt hurt when i do abs :/ but when i drink i am standing and get abit crazy on the dancefloor[:eek:)]
    I kno its not smart and i dont plan to do it until i find out the real reason for this :/
    Anotehr reason im pretty sure it isnt muscular issue is because when i have it and i push on the place it doesnt really hurt :/
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    CubbieBlue Member

    That's the thing - mine NEVER hurt during any exercise at all. I couldn't recreate it by DOING anything specific, but once I stopped - it went away.
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    ZeeCuz Junior Member

    mmm but when im not drinking, and during day to day things i have no pain..alls sweet. its only day after i drink, and sometimes stays for 2-3 days and gets better by the day :/
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    BBC3 Member

    UPPER RIGHT SIDE, would be your LIVER. It doesn't like alcohol all that much.. The whole idea of drinking is to overwhelm it. FYI, all livers are not created equal. You need some basic bloodwork. Anything 20-30 points too high on ALT, etc... is an indication that you need to never drink again. Even at my best I could never blow my stats beyond 10 points off the high side...
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    ZeeCuz Junior Member

    ive done blood work, i was only higher by <10... ive also done CT scans and an ultrasound. only thing with my liver is mild fatty liver :/

    but the doctors r tellin me that CT scan came back all they are thinking its something with my stomach now and want to do an endoscopy =[
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    Rjc Junior Member

    Hi, I have exactly the same. Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
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    BBC3 Member

    I am not totally sure liver counts would account for all possible alcohol liver conditions.... MANY PEOPLE HAVE HIGH COUNTS AND DONT DRINK or take drugs that would explain it...

    Funny. I thought this was a new thread. In my previous response, it was not a concern for me. I kind of blew your notion off sideways as I just had no experience. SINCE, I have started having the same.!!!!????!!! It take both lortab as well as plenty of alcohol when I am getting my game on.. WHAT I HAVE NOTICED NOW IS THIS...: It I have too much of the both or either, I can experience liver pains the next day, and once recently for two days. My counts are around 100 on the ones that should be around 40 or 60, The doc (a friend) has advised me that the issue is not serious yet most likely as I am just beginning to have pain. But he thinks minimal. HOWEVER, he has advised to lay off for a week-10 days and come in for bloodz... I still cant do it completely.

    I will tell you this. What got my attention is one day around noon I chugged down an Old Rasputin beer, which is about 9% ABV. I was just drinking one to alleviate stress. About 30mins later, I had those pains. Shit my pants. That was quik!! For about the next month I felt it the next day, or same day, if just taking a tab or two, or a beer or three. Lately I have not had it (for about a month now). I did go to work for that month and ate less, but started drinking heavily toward the end. And still hitting the drinks and tabs hard - at full force really. But no pain. So I dont know but not good.

    I researched a bit and determined there are 3 stages here.:
    (1) Liver inflammation related. Pehaps even a swelling of some type baggie surrounding it.
    (2) Fatty liver, which appears reversible with abstinence, proper, diet and exercise (think I am there)
    (3) Serrosis (or however you spell it). Like Lou Gerrig (again). THis one apparently is not reversible as some kind of scarring or something is occurring.

    I have always taken the liver lightly, cause I heard some bullshit when I was younger about it being the ONLY ORGAN in the human body that can regenerate its self. Even grow back if partial is removed. dont know if true or not. BUT I HAVE THE FEELING that the type damage we are doing renders a condition that does not "grow back". So I am working on backing down.

    The final key to my success will be restarting a workout reginmen, which I am walking out the door to do right now.....:) $350.00 up front get two years of high ceilings, large area, tons of equip, town's hottest pussy, nice lighting, and a feeling of guilt to make me return... LOL

    Could you even tell I have a Beuooouuz on??:p:D LOL

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    zkt Member

    I think you have the beginnings of alcoholic liver but its not your current problem.
    If it doest show up on imaging the it must be transient in nature. Ever had it imaged when it was symptomatic?
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    I think due to your fatty liver & alcohol history, you have a blocked common bile or cystic duct. You don't want it to burst because you in real trouble with a short window, minutes, of hope. Sometimes another symptom seen is pale stool.
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    teller123 Member

    And or pancreatitis.
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    pancreatitis usually presents with nonspecific fatigue, nausea, vomiting, & back pain since its a retroperitoneal organ. you can also sometimes observe fatty stools. however elevated serum calcium, glucose, LDH, & AST levels. Thats why based on his description, I think it's Cholo in origin.
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    BBC3 Member

    To further describe, If I follow the bottom line of the rib cage around to right side at about 45 degrees or 2-3 oclock (if 12 is sternum, it feels like the pain is under the bottom ribs. Like if you reached your fingers up under the bottom ribs it would be right there. At least I think that would be thel iver, or the top of it....

    So I am not sure about pancreas or how if relates physically, but I think is is more central and would be behind soft tissue mostly. At least I think...

    But the way it was described to me, is that a mildly fatty liver would produce this kind of pain if still drinking. So it sounds like you already have the diagnosis.

    If you are looking for a fix. THEY say milk thistle is good to help prevent this, and even restore. But the notion I belive is to be taking this supplement and it could even protect for the damage if having a drink - somewhat...

    So I dont know. I have been taking on and off lately since my pain became more often. I did not note any changes immediately. If it provided any releaf, it was 2-4 hours after taking so not sure. But I have noted lated I have note had it, and I did not take that much. I just basically tend to take it 2-4 times a week now whenever I remember....

    One another note, I did notice that my urine smelled like the garlic & onion pretzel bits I had eating recently the time I took it twice a day for 4-5 days. So i dont know if it was related, or what this meant. But it kinda scared me. Makes me wonder if it also interferes with the liver process, which would not be good for the kidneys I am sure....

    Its starting to look like getting old is going to be a huge SUCKHOLE or boredom....:D
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    zkt Member

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    CanadaPost Member

    Kidney stones?
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    bwdaz Junior Member

    8-15 drinks per night!?
    How many nights per week do you drink?
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    jonkobeck Member

    I have had the exact same pain, and I had SEVERE fatty liver with mild enlargement. 6 months no alcohol and a new ultrasound revealed just MILD fatty liver with no enlargement, But I never really was a HEAVY drinker, I drank 4 or 5 pints at the most and I was toast. And I only did that a couple nights a week. I think I have-had NASH, the non alcoholic fatty liver and I was just making it worse with the booze. My diet has been horrendous (until recent).

    I still the mild pain/discomfort occasionally after a fatty or oily meal, so I sometimes wonder if it might be gallbladder. I had had this all my life. Doctor checked out my gallbladder and there were no stones, but he said this type of vague pain is very common and the greasy food could simply be irritating it.

    When I had the severe fatty liver my blood tests were normal, I think I was 1 or 2 points over on the ALT-AST I can't remember which one.
    Now my ALT/AST are both in the mid 20s.

    Doing a no carb, very low carb diet and trying to loose weight before the next ultrasound

    You should get the upper endoscopy. I had one and they found a mild hiatel hernia, that could also cause pain.
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    MikeJones Junior Member

    I realize it's been over 3 years since anyone has posted to this thread, but I was wondering if any of you guys had any further information regarding the upper-right abdominal pain issue? Mine seems to be the same place everyone else has it; right side, just below my ribcage, about 4" to my right of centerline, which is about halfway to the side of my torso (I'm only about 155Lbs 5'7"). I do not take steroids, nor lift weights... Sorry, but I actually only joined so I could post to ask if anyone found anything out about the issue... We're all human, let's all help each other when we can!

    I've searched the web quite a bit looking for information and haven't found a whole lot. The main thing I've found is here (but I don't have IBS)
    and here

    I do drink a decent bit (3-5/day), but even after several evenings in a row of heavy use (5-10), I don't necessarily notice the issue. Mine is not really a "pain" as much as it is a dullness or maybe slight numbness... I have had liver functional tests with ALT and other markers coming back pretty normal, ALT was in the mid 30s if I recall. I also have had a CT scan with IV contrast and oral barium, nothing was found and gallbladder, pancreas, and liver all appear normal, as well as spleen, apendix, lungs, etc... the only thing is "Extrarenal pelvis of the left kidney" which does not appear to be that big of an issue (10% of the population, and it's in a totally different location than this issue).

    The feeling is not constant all day everyday, and it does seem to be worse after sitting for prolonged periods of time, especially if I don't consciously think about my posture to avoid slouching. I can't correlate the occurrence of it to any foods either. I don't notice it everyday, but probably 8/10 days.

    Could it be muscular? Over the past year, I have had a muscle in that exact spot cramp very badly twice (like a charlie horse), but even months beyond when the last cramping happened, I still have recurrence of the issue. Maybe it's neural? I have bulging discs in my back, one at L5/S1 (way down low, which effected nerves for my leg and caused sciatica pain), and two more bulging discs at C5/C6 and C6/C7, which is in the upper-back or lower-neck where the neck meets shoulders. The nerves at that level do not appear to have anything to do with the area of interest, but nerves from mid-back could... The ones coming out from the T6 through T8 vertebra look like they could potentially cause pain in the upper abdominal area. The pain from the C5/C6/C7 bulging disc caused joint and muscle pain in my shoulders (mostly my right one), so it seems possible a nerve issue in the T6-T8 area could cause "phantom" pain or numbness appearing to originate in the upper-abdomen...

    Also, it does not appear to be sore to the touch.
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    BBC3 Member

    Go to doc and do general blood work. You will most likely find elevated liver numbers. In contrary to my earlier posts in this thread I DID manage to finally blow my numbers off the charts. (there is a thread on topic somewhere also pertaining to alcohol) - I backed off to slight drinks daily and took a product called NOW liver regenerator and something other. Says take 3 per day. Went back to doc one month later and all numbers were normal. Blew my mind. Not saying its a good thing to THINK That this supplement fixes the problem. The problem is the drinking. I actually had a bit of pain yesterday for the first time in a year. It did not take as much alcohol this time. I have even been off tylenol. NOTABLY - i have been taking Nsaids like Advil and Alieve. THEY MUST bE AFFECTING MY LIVER, and iun lieu of the fact that they are supposed to be more liver toxic and primary elimination. But the MUST. I am pretty pissed now too. I cut my finger today and the bastard has not stopped bleeding going on 8-10 hours now. I think its safe to say that I have had enought Alieve for a while.. Interestingly these NSAIDS have me bleeding in ways which I have no doubt would be comparable to coumadin(spelling). So what if I took an internal blow or had an ulcer? OI would be another in the ER anemic and passing out from no blood left. Aspirin gives me the shits for Pete's sake. I hazzard to guess that NSAIDS are no doubt one of the most dangerous general OTC products on the FUCKING market...!!!!:mad::mad::mad:.

    Perhaps the combination of alcohol and NSAIDs elevates liver risk?? I wonder.

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