Painful Prop Injection

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dareelbullet, Jan 7, 2011.

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    dareelbullet Junior Member

    Man I forgot how painful prop can be. My freaking leg has been hurting for 3 days now. What the heck happen, did I miss the muscle or something?? It's swollen a bit too. 100mgs/1cc killin me bro's. This is why I love Test Cyp......... I have hit every other spot, shoulders butt, ect..... Nothing hurt like this.
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    Reinheart Member

    Test prop is generally considered to be a painful shot man. It probably has a very high BA content in it or something. Where did you inject?
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    TrainHard Member

    Prop will always be painful, all short esters usually are. However, if you have a good brand, then usually the gear is next to painless.
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    Westwood Junior Member

    If Im going to hurt when I pin por want a "push" before workout, I would rather pin Aqeous Test or Test suspension in oil (harder to get). Otherwise I wouldnt use prop unless I was trying to skirt some blood tests.

    BTW, like said above, its not unusual for the pain and lumps after Prop
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    xXGetBigSonXx Member

    Prop is a killer for me too!

    Try running the vial under HOT water for a few mins.... then massage the injection site after pinning.. this helped a bit for me.. but damn prop is no joke
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    mammot Junior Member

    No doubt about it, the BA levels are high, Move the injection your your Glues. I know the feeling. Be glad it is not a delt shot or you would have trouble sleeping on your side.

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    dustin_8907 Junior Member

    yeah prop is painful for me too.. I usually stay away from it.. I was walking like a pirate for a couple days.. lol arghhh

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