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    Hi everyone! We are a new source and have been in business for a week. Me, Brian, Champ and Brick are hoping to gain your trust and would like to tell you about how our products are differentiated for all other sources here.

    In addition to the rigorous testing of all product components and final product, we include bits of real panther in all our products - both orals and injectables. Yes, ladies and gentlemen you read that right, actual, real pieces of panther.

    We feel that it will give you that extra edge you are all looking for. Please don’t ask for pictures and or testing documents. Just trust me, it’s the best.

    For order inquiries and a product and price list, please DM me. I will also provide preferential pricing for those that were burned by Gemmy.

    Thank you for your time Meso.
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    I really hope the next source copy pastas this intro accidentally
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    Pictures of Champ and Brick touching each other’s boobies or GTFO!
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    Champ Brian-Fantana-60-of-the-time-it-works-every-time-Anchorman.gif
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    ok, I’ll try but the guys are kind of shy.
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    Wait, guys? I thought Champ and Brick were two super hot chicks!

    Ah, I’m not picky. It is what it is. Post it up!
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    Your standards are slipping - a dude nipple pic last time around and now two more coming smh
  9. Lab pics, equipment pics, product pics, process, opsec, titty pics. You’ve read gemmies thread what have you learned. How long you been a member here?
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    I hear there is PIP 60% of the time, every time with this lab?
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    We need to see pictures of the hairnets before we proceed.
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    What sort of floaters will you carry in your oils??
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    Only the finest of panther parts.
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  14. And with all those hands in the pot what’s everyone’s member status here?
    I’m not sure with all the bullshit with old gemmie why everyone isn’t all over this yet.
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    I can confirm these guys are g2g - Ive been running their BlackMagicAssJuice for 16 weeks now. It's a proprietary blend of tren Hex, NPP, Winny, EQ, Masta P, Proviron and Vardenafil Undecanoate in a motor oil suspension. IDK what my bloods look like but I have dry boners every time I wake up in cold sweats from vivid dreams about raping homeless toothless crackwhores. At least I think those are dreams...
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    Yawn. One of the less funny fake posts tbh.
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    Sorry I couldn’t get a laugh from you and I really appreciate your honesty.
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    Can I pay a little extra for the addition of panther hair in my vial? Floaters are always a nice surprise when a source makes the initiative to go the extra mile for customers :)
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    Looks like MSG has competition. What do you guys have which MSG doesn’t ?o_O
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