ParaPharma Primo 100 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-03 - SIMEC via

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    Man it is still a little weird to see the majority of these Primo samples coming back with really good analytical results, and then thinking back to the days (2013-2015) when the paranoia was through the damned roof regarding UGL's and their ability to produce "real" Primo.

    I mean, for the fellas that were here at that time (or those whom have come since then who have read back through those threads) you'll remember how SO MANY members here scoffed at the notion that "REAL Primo" could actually be obtained from a UGL. It was insane!!!! UGL's were attacked immediately upon claiming to be selling Primo.

    I swear to God I am not exaggerating when I say that quite a few UGL's didn't even list Primo on their list because it wasn't worth the communal freak out that would ensue over the fact that a UGL would claim to have real Primo.
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    Millard accomplished so much when he started this program. It held all the sources accountable, and not just the ones being tested. Also shut down a lot of the bro science bologna, and reverse scammers. I'll always be thankful
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    Thank you @rpbb for making the other point that I was trying to make. After rereading my post above I realized that I failed to credit @Millard Baker and his AnabolicLab program for the impact that it has had.

    Btw, fwiw, I did actually donate to the program back in the beginning when it started, but my supporter's badge didnt make it on to my account. I only say that because I don't want anyone reading this to think that I do not support the cause!
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    Yea real primo, there always has been real primo around and hopefully there always will be. Glad to see it!!
  6. bickel29

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    You have been here long enough now Stone, you probably remember back when you first joined, how much lack of trust there was for UGL's selling Primo. There was a large contingent of members attacking labs for claiming to be selling legit Primo. It was crazy.
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    The funniest thing I remember from those days was mercury telling people too throw out gear when it didn't pass his horseshit labmax test
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    The best was when mercury swore someone’s NPP was test prop I think Based solely on a labmax result and then analytical testing determined it to be pretty accurately dozed NPP lol
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    Primo is 15x times more expensive than testo E in raw forms.
    Im pretty sure back in the days alot were selling fakely labelled primo.
    Thanks to Millard and his program, it force UGs to not cross the line and stay on the rigth path,none of them want their bizness reduced to 0 , look at Alpha Pharma they quickly got back on the track according the last labtests.
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    Every single compound has been faked even legit supplements over the years lol
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