Pareto Bloodwork test E 1st cycle (still on)

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by J Dog, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. J Dog

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    So I got blood work done before my cycle and I recently got bloodwork done mid cycle and I will post both results for the comparison. Right now I’m about 8 weeks into my first cycle test e only and I’m fucking loving it so far



    -Bloods were taken 48 hours after injection in the AM
    -Dose was 400mg/week for the first 6 weeks then I upped it to 500mg/week which is where it’s at currently
    -Will be ending off cycle with test propionate eod (week 11-14) then will jump into pct 3 days after my last prop injection, anyone have experience with this? I researched the idea of ending off a cycle with a faster clearing Ester and I really like the idea so I decided to implement this
    -overall tell me what you think
  2. adrien camilli

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    Hi dude, seems to be real good results.

    Which test e brand and source were you runing ?
  3. J Dog

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    Source I was running is Pareto bro. I ran test enanthate for 11 weeks then switched to test propionate and ran that for a couple of weeks so the transition into pct would be easier. I would highly recommend this. Also just a heads up, pct fucking sux lol. Well at least the first few weeks sucked for me (no libido, could barely get a boner, felt sad etc) but things definitely got better. I’m currently in week 5 of my pct. I extended my pct a couple of weeks because I stayed on the test for about 16 weeks total. My first cycle was great all in all, the only thing that sucks about it is coming off lol. Also don’t make the same mistake I did and make sure you take hcg for your entire cycle. I only took it for the last 4 weeks of cycle. Your nuts will thank you dearly.
  4. J Dog

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    I forgot to post this but these are my bloods while about 3 weeks into pct. decided to get them while on pct because I was feeling like dog shit and I honestly wanted to see if my test levels were at 0 or something lol. I will also get bloods a couple of weeks after I finish pct and will most likely get bloods again a couple of months after I’m done pct just to have multiple points of comparison.
  5. adrien camilli

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    hcg is gold bro.

    500 iu x 2/week for me.

    But after a few years, even on pct it became absolutely needed for me as i bridged to much heavier longer cycles.

    Then on PCT this has always been the only way for me to recover properly.
    Don' t listen to those who say it s unproductive after cycle because it s supposed to be kind of suppressive like AAS. Indeed it was the only way for me to kickstart my nuts back.
    clomid and nolva used to be not enough. But they were when following HCG blast.

    Thats Dr Scally's "power pct" :

    Day 1-20 HCG 1000iu per day
    Clomid 100mg

    Day 1-40 Nolva 40mg

    ( like i said, this is considering long heavy cycles. On my first softer cycles clomid and nolva were enough, but yeah obviously HCG on cycle will always be necessary )
  6. Savagesteve

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    Finishing with short esters is the only way to go imo. Much rather wait 2 weeks than 4 weeks when it comes to starting pct.
  7. Howler92

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    @Jdog how did you go about getting blood work for test and estrogen through life labs? Did you indulge with your doctor about your aas use?