Pareto Bloodwork test E 1st cycle (still on)

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    So I got blood work done before my cycle and I recently got bloodwork done mid cycle and I will post both results for the comparison. Right now I’m about 8 weeks into my first cycle test e only and I’m fucking loving it so far



    -Bloods were taken 48 hours after injection in the AM
    -Dose was 400mg/week for the first 6 weeks then I upped it to 500mg/week which is where it’s at currently
    -Will be ending off cycle with test propionate eod (week 11-14) then will jump into pct 3 days after my last prop injection, anyone have experience with this? I researched the idea of ending off a cycle with a faster clearing Ester and I really like the idea so I decided to implement this
    -overall tell me what you think