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  1. wasme

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    Hey everyone, just got my third order from Pareto. As usual, super fast turn around time. Safely packaged and shipped with signature.

    I have used a few of these items before, Winstrol/Anavar/Prami all on point. Same with AI's. The box, and little pill bottle beside it is 'Ironmans (50mg viagra/20mg Prilogy)' and worked great 2 evenings in a row. Looking forward to trying the Modafinil.

    The person I have always been in contact with is definitely on top of things communication wise. ( )

    Cheers all!

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  2. Hank3

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    Good to hear. I've read a lot of good reviews about Parento. I hope to be trying them in the near future.
  3. Morefyah

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    Nice first post. :rolleyes: Enjoy your discount schill!
  4. Drwy

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    Customer service was great and delivery within two days. Product looks great ans pills are well pressed. Will post about the Product (Anavar) in a couple weeks.
  5. BigNattyDaddy

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    Well, 3 accounts with a total of 7 messages are saying this source is g2g. I'm sold. Where do I send my money? :D
  6. Drwy

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    Nobody is telling you to buy it . You have to become a member to write a review. So far I said the Customer service and shipping we're good. I wasn't promised anything in return either.
  7. Drwy

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    I have been taking 60 mg of Anavar daily from these guys for 5 days and was using another lab before at 100mg. The gear I got from Pareto is far better . Getting better pump off 40 mg less a day.
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