Parmacom Extreme Underdosing...Looking for a rep!

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    Hey all,
    First time posting here, I've been on other forums and they mention to come over here and search for a Pharmacom rep to get in touch with me. I'm on week 8 of pharmacom Test E at 600mg a week and blood work shows my total test at 1044 ng/dl. That is extremely under-dosed for that amount of test. At 600mg a week, theres barely any test in these vials.

    I've sent emails through the "Contact us" page on both of their sites and also sent an email to the "Dr. Pharmacom" address listed on the site. I believe I've sent around 5 emails and I've been trying to get a hold of them for almost a week now. At this point there is not much that can be done with my wasted time and lost trust, but something needs to be made right with this issue.

    Others have told me there are reps here on MESO that can help me out, or at least someone who can point me in the right direction.

    I have attached my Test results in this thread. Snapchat-158213931.jpg

    Thanks in advance!
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    So you've been a member here for 2 months and were just told to come here and find a rep, go figure. You guys are coming out of the woodwork lately
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    There are fake Pharmacom on the market.
    You bought from the source or somewhere else?

    Edit: Ok search and you will find a rep. Not hard to find.
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    Im not even sure what the hell that means.
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    Yes, bought directly from their store. and yea I'll search around a bit.
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    No you did not search..
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    Re-read it buddy, I said "Yea I'll search" not I did search. So far my first time posting here is a shit experience, a couple of dickheads here right off the bat.
  8. Seven07

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    I'm not sure what the issue is here? I made a post looking for a Pharmacom rep because of an under-dosing issue and I'm getting ragged on for what? writing a post instead of searching?
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    Got it! Just found a old thread in regards to the same issue with Pharmacom, I'll post there from now on.
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    What website did tyou buy it from?
  12. Apexvallen

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    Was it
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    No....It was
  14. i don't think you're going to get anywhere with this.

    It's very easy for a reverse scammer to say "i've been taking xxx mg/wk of Test, look at these low bloods!" When in reality, they've been using a fraction of that, so that blood work comes back low and they can demand compensation.

    i'm certainly NOT accusing you of that, but i can guarantee you, it's been done before, and sources have become very wary of such claims.

    The only sure fire proof would be to send in a sealed vial to a testing lab and have it analyzed. But by the time that's all said and done, it's probably easier just to move on to another source and cut your losses.

    Best of luck. i'm interested in the outcome of this, so please don't leave me hanging.
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    the correct url is:
    does the quality code (verification code) on your vial check positive at:

    There are counterfeits as has been posted (search the thread for examples and examples/pics have been posted on other popular boards). These are very detailed counterfeits which I actually see as another sign of how good real Pharmacom products are that someone would go to such lengths and endure the costs to produce these fakes -- in other words, real pharmacom has been so good for so long that people find it worth while to invest a lot of time and money into making fakes to sell.
    But if you purchased from the real site then you will for sure have a genuine product.
    That is why it is very important you only purchase through the correct site (Anyone can make a copy/fake site).

    If you purchase from the real basicstero site then you guaranteed to have genuine Pharmacom products.

    There is ZERO chance that a genuine Pharmacom product is severely under-dosed;
    I say this with confidence NOT out of arrogance or being rude but because of these facts:
    • There are thousands of customers across all boards constantly ordering and I do not see an out-break of bad bloods (if a batch was bad why have no other customers noticed?).
    • Anonymous HPLC testing by AnabolicLab has consistently come back good over many samples and a long time now.
    • Many customers have posted analytic results that verify the products are good.
    • Pharmacom is a large lab (world-wide with sales to most countries) and as such tests raws and finished products internally in order to assure quality but also to verify that their own material purchases are sound (think how much money the company would lose if raws supplier scammed -- can not risk it so products are verified internally for pharmacom's own sake as well as to assure the best quality for customers).
    • There are a LOT of possible user errors and/or variance in regards to blood results (were you taking as much as you thought you were? have you missed any pins? how long was it after last pin when you got bloods drawn? people metabolize drugs differently -- you may be extreme).
    • Forgive me as this is NOT directed specifically at you in any way (I am NOT accusing you to be clear), but I want to mention the obvious fact that anyone can simply take any dosage of any product (or none at all) and then go get bloods (such as how many trick their TRT docs into upping the script by skipping a shot prior to testing) claim poor results in order to attempt to reverse scam (or in some cases it is paid shills that work for competitors just posting fiction). Many possible issues and that is why the next point is in place:
    • There is an open offer on the site and it has been repeated many times by @Pharmacom Labs that you may send a untampered sample to an analytic lab to verify your claim and if results support your claim you will be compensated/reimbursed for testing and the products.
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    Exactly what my first thought was, they could be thinking I'm just full of shit. They did finally get back to be and they said exactly that, I would have to send in a sample to be analysed and if it came back underdosed they would send me new product and take care of the cost. I dont know the first thing about sending in a sample or where I would even send it, so I'm going to cut my loss and never order from Pharmacom again. In their email they seemed very confident that they have never failed a puridy test, but the thing is, some people may think I'm full of shit but its been 600mg a week for 8 weeks, In my mind it is 100% severely underdosed and theres nothing I can do about it.
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    ( is ( the same URL. That IS the website I ordered from, which IS their actual store, not a reseller. I completely understand what you are saying, but the only thing that irritates me is your confidence in pharmacom products when I'm literally taking it and its shit, but nobody would believe that but myself. Perhaps I'm 1 out of 100 customers that must have received a bad batch, idk what to say, but it is pharmcom product.

    Side note about the verification code. I ordered the "Discrete packaging" so my vials came The only way I actual know what type of test it is, is by the "E" in the lower right corner of the vial for Enanthate. There is no code to verify on these vials. Now if this label is something you have never heard of we might have a different issue.

    Its a pretty easy cycle. Test E 300mg 2x a week. I journal everything. no missed pins, 1.25cc of oil per injection. I got bloods drawn 1 day after my last pin, and even if I do metabolize it faster than most, my total test wouldn't drop 3000 in a day or two.

    Also, with the sample testing for validity, I dont have an un-tampered vial. I bought 2 vials of test E and used one, opened the other, then got blood work done. So I guess thats out of the question.

    also, I have read other threads on this very site where users have complained about, having a good results with Test E but totally bunk Deca or tren for example. In my opinion with what I;ve read, pharmcom may or may not be hit or miss with their products.

    Bottom line....Im S.O.L. I would really like to order from Pharmacom again, it was a smooth transaction and I like the US domestic supply. What brought me to order from them in the first place was their testing results posted right on their website, made it look legit. Hard to trust again though, we will see.
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  18. You still have time. Edit out the stealth specifics, please.
    That should only be discussed via PM.
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    Fixed! Thank you
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    @Millard Baker can you please delete Ops last post because it contains personal stealth information.