Partial tear in rotator cuff

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by johntt44, Aug 8, 2018.

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    So I posted about a week ago about hurting my shoulder while benching. Just got back from shoulder doc and he diagnosed partial rotator cuff tear. I have to have an mri first. He said no surgery and once it heals/scars over, Ill be able to bench. I have full range of motion but have some weakness on rotation. Anybody have any experience with this? Im still lifting but only things that dont irritate it. Thanks for any input.
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    I've got the same thing going in my right shoulder. MRI showed a partial tear. Have yet to see the ortho but I know what their advice will be. And I am not willing to stop lifting. So I am just going easy on it and only doing lifts that don't irritate it. Slow healing at my old ass age.
    Shoulder hurts the most at night while sleeping. I do my best to support it with a pillow but shit still hurts like mad.
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    Mine only hurts when I lower it from up high with my arm straight out in front. Doesnt hurt at night or normal use. Dic needs the mri to see how far Ive torn it. Im old too! Haha! Good luck with yours!
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    You need to stay off it until pain is gone 100% when it is at rest.

    I just went through this and took about a year to rehab.

    Rotator cuff mobility exercises are a must every three days. I switched to flat dumbbell benching, dropped dips and pretty much dropped anything I felt pain from.

    7iu ed growth helped too.

    Or fuck around with a no pain no gain attitude like some do and have bad shoulders for the rest of your life. I couldn't even reach in my back seat it hurt so bad at one point... I would feel better, get excited, push hard and fuck it up again. Very frustrating experience
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    Thanks for the input! I definitely dont want a permanent bum shoulder.
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    Hey guys. I was searching the forums for rotator cuff and came across this one.
    In Dec, 2017 I had an MRI and was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff (supraspinatus). I was 8 weeks into my 24 week contest prep for a bodybuilding competition. So I got a PRP injection in Jan, 2018. Made the competition 3/31/18.
    After the competition, it started hurting again, then it started hurting at night. So when training at the gym, I just stop what i'm doing if it hurts, or decrease the weight.
    I was RELIGIOUS about warming up and always did RC moves before I lifted a damn weight. I did this to AVOID injury LOL.
    I'm 48 yo female. So i'm old too lol.
    Well last few months, the shoulder has been hurting all the time, so I met with 3 different doctors. The consensus was that a rotator cuff surgery to repair it would be necessary. The tendon is torn from the bone, and it will not heal back unless you have surgery (from all the talks, and youtube vids and online discussions have taught me).
    A local female lifter had her surgery last year and she is now full recovered. Of course, she is younger than me, but this gives me hope.
    My surgery is scheduled for 8/31/18. For the time that my shoulder will be in recovery, I will still go to gym, I will just work legs. I need them to grow anyway LOL. I plan to take a full week off from the gym and work. Then I will gradually increase stuff. I can't stay away from the gym for very long, so at the very least i'll go there and just sit on the recumbent bike and watch ppl LOL. I will be the resident lurker bwahaha.
    FWIW, this is my story.
    Hope yours heals well.
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    Good luck with your surgery and thanks for your input!
    My injury was just a matter of not tightening up before I pushed because I was tired after work.
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    Can you maybe kinda explain the pain you felt when bench pressing?
    I have a pain in my front shoulder when benching once in a while. Like front shoulder to biceps. I feel it more when i did an own shoulder training session in the same week and am not sure what it is. Doctor appointments take a long ass time here too so its hard and im impatient when it comes to feeling pain..
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    No pain when I did it. Just an intense double"pop". I couldnt get the weight up either afterwards. (Son helped me). It started hurting a couple hrs later. Its been about 3wks since it happened and it barely hurts now.