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    For those who care about SSL and related security measures, the new forum app brings the following changes:

    (1) Login credentials are submitted via SSL on

    As we all know, logging in to a vbulletin site usually means sending your password unencrypted over plain text HTTP. Not to mention all the information being shared in PMs is stored unencrypted on vbulletin. So, MESO-Rx happily says goodbye to vbulletin.

    (2) Passwords are protected with SHA256 cryptographic hash function on

    Vbulletin -- at least 3.x and 4.x -- uses the obsolete MD5 hash:

    These are only a couple of reasons why MESO-Rx no longer uses vbulletin.
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    Awsome feature more forums need to have this feature. Meso feels like a safe home now for sure
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    I'm certain most will eventually. I know Vbulletin doesn't make it easy; most (mainstream) individuals -- outside of our little subculture -- don't have a real need for SSL in internet forum discussions. Clearly, the AAS community is different. Given the sensitive and stigmatized nature of the topics discussed here, SSL makes sense. I previously underestimated how heavily the PM system (now called "conversations") was used by members; this makes SSL especially important.