PayPal Video Sparks Sparks Rumors About Potential BTC Plans



PayPal has sparked speculation in the wider digital currency community with the release of a new promotional video that makes reference to bitcoin.

The video, titled ‘PayPal Voices’, was published on the company’s official YouTube page today.

The one-minute promo features a string of actors who are described as “the voices of the people economy”, extolling the benefits of using PayPal. Bitcoin is mentioned just 10 seconds into the video in the following voiceover passage:

“Our phone is our wallet. We can spend bitcoin with a tap, without a pocket.”

The news provides the latest evidence that either the eBay-owned company or its mobile payment processing subsidiary Braintree might move to integrate bitcoin into an upcoming project.

First reported by The Wall Street Journal this August, such speculation was given yet another boost today in an article by Re/code that suggested Braintree’s announcement may come as soon as today.

Braintree was acquired by PayPal in September 2013. PayPal itself is a subsidiary of eBay, one of the largest e-commerce companies on the web. Outspoken bitcoin advocate Marc Andreessen sits on the board of eBay.

Speculation mounts
At the time of writing, PayPal’s only reference to bitcoin integration is the excerpt from the video.

Still, speculation has run rampant, with more than 400 comments about the video splattered across YouTube and reddit.

Notable bitcoin investor and SecondMarket executive chairman Barry Silbert has joined in discussing the significance of the video: