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    This the same thing you was talking about @biggerben69?
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    "Heavy workload and personal problems are taking their toll on my physique"
    That's EXACTLY the reason why I have to use AAS. Sheesh!

    Shit appeared to be working for the cop in the pic.
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    No sir. The cops in the article you posted are from Canada. If you're referring to the case I most recently posted up about that case was out of The Biggest Little State In The Nation...Rhode Island. Tabman who sourced on anabolicboard was a cop who ran amuck over there.
    There have been 3 cases that I can think of off the top of my head where cops and a former cop were busted for distributing gear. All of the cases were initiated by a pkg of raw steroid powders being seized by Customs.
    I believe the other cop I posted about ran a ugl he named Vis Vires. He was a retired police officer. He was forced into retirement a decade or so ago after being found guilty of a felony for accepting bribes to not arrest people he pulled over for driving while under the influence.
    I actually know of one ugl that we haven't discussed here that is being operated as I type this by another former police officer who was removed from the force after being indicted, pleading guilty, and sentenced for a felony conviction.
    I'm a little surprised that the guys on our board here who have taken up this hobby of home brewing haven't discussed the fact that the odds of their being incarcerated have increased exponentially as they have placed orders for raw powder.
    I've been known to take a risk now and again. However, the very last thing that I would be doing in this climate is to order illegal anything out of China.
    Our guys can say and it may very well be true that they are ordering to brew for themselves. Any amount of raw powder our guys are ordering could be construed as manufacturing to distribute. Every single order of raws shipped, not just to our guys but to citizens all across our country could be prosecuted for distributing. That's because of the # of total units that trigger a sales case is so small.
    Not saying any of our guys will be busted...God forbid...but each of them could be.
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    That's interesting
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    This is a reality I've grown increasingly weary of... :( at done point artificial intelligence will develop its own algorithms that can be abused by anyone with access to it to find every "criminal" in the world. No one will be able to escape technology. It evolves faster than us, and not enough humans care for their ability of foresight to distinguish limits and restrictions of what's coming soon. These things are being left up to the monkies that run our country, whom we all understand not to trust. This is ironic, they aren't trusted, but are bored into office and expected to fulfill highly influential, responsible roles... go figure.

    Seems the prerequisite for being a politician in the US is to lack quite a degree of empathy for your fellow man, while being about as charismatic on camera as any sociopath would be while manipulating those around them. It doesn't appear to be not an act, many of these people are deranged humans and aren't fit, in my opinion, to be in charge of anything more complicated than operating a vacuum cleaner. They can't harm other citizens doing shit like that. But somehow, by a standard, they pass through, and are elected into office. These fuck heads wouldn't know the scientific method if they were shown the steps one by one. Yet, they are poised to take on the future and all the advancements that come with it. They are a reflection of the average intelligence of our country -- who got the most votes. This is scary when put into perspective.

    I don't like other humans in general..... :confused::mad:
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    I think it was the person writing the article for Genration Iron that used the picture...
    PCOM May have not been in the mix until the article..?

    Wonder why Generation IRON felt need to use a copyrighted picture to out a UGL in a public article.
    Just showing PCOM has got to large to expect any level of “low key” or “privacy”
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    Ben have you heard any reports of GH from China being seized by customs?

    Completely agree on your assessment regarding raws from China. Seems like a huge risk.
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    ^^ I’m curios about this to as I’ve heard rumors...
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    Certainly....sources shipping from The Far East will do what they can to cut down on seizures such as not shipping to "Unfriendly" zip codes. Cali zips are refused direct service by many sources while my former home, The Constitution State, which has a zip starting with lucky # "0" is g2g. Has to do with the pkg's point of entry....pkg's entering by way of JFK have a much better chance of clearing safely than those having to pass through Customs in The Windy City. JFK handles just about half of all Int mail by itself. More volume means more to packs will clear safely.
    All these packs being seized and all these different Gov't agencies are focused on what has to be counted as one of the endless battles that will go down in history as one of the most epic failures in Modern Times; The War On Drugs.
    There's irony that may be lost in translation when discussing the Opioid Epidemic that grips the nation. Young and old alike succumb to its promise of the warm escape of the poppy.
    Our raw steroid powder that promises virility and is a tool of those with ambition becomes a casualty and a bonus kill for LE who is in search of killer fentanyl.
    The irony I mentioned surrounds this fentanyl. The same factories manufacturing fentanyl also bring us our raw steroid powder. These same factories list the RC's better known as "Bath Salts". The Chinese are lacking any restraint and will produce anything that the West will buy. They smile and ask how they can help us while filling our streets with the very thing that's killing our most vulnerable.
    Perhaps the Japanese had it right when they waged war in hopes of wiping the earth clean of the Chinese?
    To answer your question, yes, gh coming from Asia has seen an increase in seizures from these same months 2 and 3 years ago.