PCT after 18 weeks on.

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    So i am 5 days into my pct.

    I extened my cycle 6 more weeks with some test p and npp. It just made me fat. I did not train with passion and i ate like an assclown thoes 6 weeks. Anyway i relocated and i have been kicking ass in the gym and with my diet.

    PCT is
    clomid 50/50/50/50 (ms tested from ghk and adc)
    nolva 20/20/0/0 (ADC)
    adex .75mg ed (mjr)
    i will use some over priced gnc test booster that prob will not contribute at all to my testicular recovery but the placebo effect is strong.

    So new supps i am going to get on will be large amounts of bcaa 4:1:1, HMB or clear muscle same shit different shirt, and creatien.

    Pre pct weight was 212 at my end of the day weigh in and 209lb clean at 5'8"

    I fell fat i can see it in my face and its very noticable. I am beyond ready to drop the extra water weight although the createin will keep it on for a bit longer. Just not in my face.

    I got a couple dick pills and caber from adc to make sure i can keep the female happy. Fuck pct
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    Seems like a lot of adex? I agree, eff pct.
  3. Capt Forest

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    yeah if the shit was not underdosed mjr trash it would be alot. I am not 100% sure its underdosed but to be on the safe side i am going higher.

    I have proof that mjr is hit or miss when it comes to their rc
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    Right on bro, hope it's an easy one for you!
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    Thanks i am taking the training this time around way different. I am trainning 5 days a week as if i was on cycle and doing what i can. I get about 21 - 27 sets in depending on the body part finsh in 60min to 120min each work and doing

    Fasted cardio for 20 min each day. Just brisk walking on the streets
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    That's how I've been doing it while running 2 on 4 off... No change in training from on cycle to off. Works for me, keeps me from getting lazy. Mentally tough sometimes but it's all good. My workouts are about an hour 5 days a week so nothing crazy.
  7. Capt Forest

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    On my last to pcts i trained every other day chest, back, legs and set a time limit of 45min to train for. I also did no cardio kept my cals high and unchecked my diet.

    This time i am getting in cardio and keeping my cals where i eat when i am hungry and keeping it clean.
  8. roastdawg

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    I think you'll do good... Not a fan of getting lazy in pct.
  9. Capt Forest

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    the clomids got me feeling emotional, I am also getting depressed very easily over things that are not important.

    Regardless Happy Mothers day Mesonites. We need to get more Mommas on this board.
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    One of the first days on my first pct with clomid I came into work and just started crying and then I laughed at myself for crying for no reason... Fun times with clomid!
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    Shred, that pic of the dog cracks me up! I also realize how much I'm not looking forward to pct in 7 weeks.
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    I am currently coming off a 16 week test e, 4 weeks dbol 20mg, and 4 weeks dmz 10mg daily after 4 weeks off dbol. Second run, first was prohormones, and Sunday will be 2 weeks. Like an idiot I ordered nolva without clomid or any hcg (super noob mistake I know). I'm 25 5'10" and 180, hoping to keep my weight up, but all I have is nolvadex, a relatively weak AI called Arimistane(Form XT) or Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione), and DAA powder. I also have tribulus that I received as a sample, but I will likely use it for placebo. I really regret not getting HCG or clomid but I had no ball shrinkage until the final 8 weeks, when I ordered different test (not from a gym buddy) that was much more potent.

    I am wondering if anyone knows any domestic suppliers that could get me clomid and maybe HCG at a low price. I have had good results with meso's arimidex, and I also got my nolva from meso. The price is really what just kills me though, does anyone have a decent supplier that could sell clomid in tablet form? Preferably one who ships within a week, that is what is key here. I am afraid I can't afford HCG after losing my job recently.

    Also, would clomid really make a significant difference if I ran Nolva, Arimistane, and DAA? I have also head that AI's are useless when taking Nolva, so is it even worth taking my Arimistane?

    Sorry for kinda highjacking this thread but it was my first post (cant create threads yet?) and this was a similar cycle length to mine.
  13. Demondosage

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    Nolvadex prevents estrogen conversion at the breast tissue, AI's blunt the formation of estrogen from occurring in the first place. Many people use both at the same time though because nolvadex does stimulate LH production as well. Arimastane definitely works from my experience, I was using a product that had that built in along with my arimadex and it knocked my estrogen down TOO LOW, I had to quit the adex for awhile actually. I'm sure clomid would help you bounce back quicker but at least you have something in the works here. Good luck with everything
  14. Demondosage

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    I meant nolva prevents estrogen from binding to receptors, not the creation of it, let me rephrase that one.
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    Response in red

    Now for my post.

    So i am 23 days into pct and have not noticed difference enough in the size of my testes to feel like its going smoothly. I am still low enegry and drag. I think that the NPP i used might have just been deca. This would explain why i made very little progress in my pct up to this point. I am thinking that i will be extending this pct to 6 weeks to ensure that if it was deca and not npp i will get a full recovery.

    My weight is down to 197.5 as a new low from 212. I was a fat fucking 212 and i am welcoming with open arms the weight loss. I am maintaining much more strength then i thought i would at this point, which could also be a sign it was deca and not npp. I have been keeping in the gym like clock work and the intesity is there. My diet is mostly clean this past 3 day weekend i did not follow a diet. I am back on it now.

    Overall this pct is worrying me.
  16. Mayne

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    Hey m@n be careful to not crash your E2 with arimidex on pct, I am not sure it's a good idea really. People use exemestane on pct but I only use clomid and nolva.
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    I've run mk-677 and ostarine during pct with great results. I know that's not peptides but similar. I'm all set up to run peps thru my next pct, but that may end up being 2 more months away.
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    Yeah, I've done that a lot...helps mentally if nothing else.
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    How was your hunger spike? I'm looking to pack on cals during pct hopefully I'm a lean fella and a little bulk look will do me good, I'm planning on using both you mentioned during my pct, and maybe add some igf1 DES we'll see how it goes!