PCT after 1st cycle / early stop

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    Hey Guys,

    I have been pinning 50mg Test Prop ED for the last 5 weeks.
    The first 10 days I also pinned 100mg ED of Primobolan enanthate.

    The results so far have been excellent; I gained 9 kgs, very little water gain (measured by doctor).

    I was supposed to continue other 4/5 weeks but I decided that steroids are not for me: I had too many side effects!

    (First nights insomnia and restlessness, then high prolactin).

    I did this cycle under medical supervision as I invested some money in blood tests and I was visited by an AAS specialist.

    Now I would like to adjust my pct considering the shorter length of cycle (from 10 to 6 weeks).

    I tried to use the steroid graph online app to calculate when I should start PCT but I noticed that the graph is highly imprecise as it does not consider the half life properly. Especially it doesn’t consider the cumulative effect of doses.

    For example, if I pin 100mg test prop for 3 days, after 3 days I will have in my blood one half of the first dose pinned plus 2 third of the second day’ dose (about 50mg+75mg).

    Is my reasoning correct?

    The question is, when should I start my PCT?

    My answer would be after about 7/8 days, what do you think and what are your experiences?

    @Michael Scally MD says that the majority of people with ASIH they screw up their pct because it was started too early.
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    I’d give it 2 weeks to be sure the drugs have cleared your system, then start pct.
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    What are you planning for your pct? I would urge you not to approach it casually. PCT deserves your utmost attention. I wish I had been more committed to my post cycle therapies... maybe I wouldn't be facing the low test levels I'm dealing with now.

    Just some advice from an old timer...
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    Just go on TRT?
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    Hate to break it to you but you didn’t gain a ton of muscle from 5 weeks of prop. You’ll more than likely lose all of it, especially without a proper pct.

    10days off to be safe run nolva/clomid and call it a day.

    My unprofessional, lacking opinion would be, if it were myself.

    100/40 3 days
    50/20 7days
    25/10 15days
    10 nolva 5days

    Obviously didn’t invest enough time into it....everyone gets sides, or elevated levels like estro, prolactin etc..., that’s why you take other meds to keep everything balanced. Good luck sir