PCT for short cycle

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    Running Test E @ 300mg/week for 10 weeks + epistane last 5 weeks (37.5 mg ED)
  2. That isn’t a short cycle?

    pretty obvious question if you wpild of read ANY type of info on pct. I’m stoned rn so I’ll give you a bone.

    1000 iu hcg 2 weeks after last pin, then 25 mg of nolva and 50 mg of clomid for 4 weeks. Also suggest running hcg throughout the cycle.
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    My bad, running test for 8 weeks, not 10, if that makes a difference.
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    no it doesn’t. Still suppresses
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    that's a long cycle Dx
  6. Tbh it’d run prop then. Or increase it to 10-12 weeks
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    ok, so let's hijack the thread in defense of the title,
    long cycle 6-8 weeks Test only, how would the pct differ?
    I would say no hcg needed maybe (?) Given that short time should not be a lot of testicular atrophy right?
  8. hcg isn't needed to begin with but makes life way easier imo. The pct wouldn't differ. Its pretty standard across the board. 6-8 weeks of test e is useless imo. Trying to make any meaningful gains in under 12 weeks is tough. I think you will be much happier with the results of a 12 week cycle. HIGHLY suggest running hcg throughout the cycle.

    I also don't think its worth shutting yourself down for 6-8 weeks for 300 mg of test.

    Like i said switch to a shorter ester or extend it to 10-12 weeks. Pct remains the same regardless of what you do.
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  9. master011

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    Alright so 25 nolva and 50 clomid for 4 weeks sounds good? Also, yeh I was planning on running atleast a 12 week cycle but need to end it short
  10. Yeah sounds good mang. Add the hcg at 1000 iu a week for 14 days after your last shot then start pct. If not still wait 2.5-3 weeks before starting the SERMS
  11. Reno

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    you mean 1000iu hcg eod for 2 weeks
  12. I don’t. That’s excessive in my experience. He’s only running 8 weeks max.
    If he ran 500-1000 a week throughout the cycle that’s even better