Pct for someone who does not handle Clomid well

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    What would you recommend for pct for an individual who does not handle clomid well? The person I'm helping out gets really bad issues with short term memory and vision wirh Clomid so they want to avoid that.

    Coming off of a test/Eq cycle, would something like Power PCT minus the Clomid be effective? Essentially coming off cycle, doing the brief blast of hcg and then beginning several weeks of nolva.
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    How long has he been on? I would think the hcg and nolvadex would work for him.

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    Hey mands thank you for chiming in.
    He's in week 14 of 16weeks. I don't have his blood work, but mid cycle bloods everything looked good. Aside from test the only thing out of range was +15 or so on ast and alt if I remember correctly
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    I would say he would recover without clomid. I would just make sure the EQ has cleared before he starts.

    I would personally drop the EQ and continue the test for another week or so then drop the test and start around 3-4 weeks after test clears. Maybe have him get blood work around the middle of week 3 after stopping test.

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    Perfect, I will pass this along to him. Good to have confirmation
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    Nolva and Torem can cause nasty vision side effects too.

    I prefer to leave Nolva as an antiestrogen when using Dbol (since it aromatizes to an estrogen that can't be spotted by bloodwork).

    IMO HCG + tiny dose letro (one fourth to half a 2.5 mg Letro tab a week) works fine and it's pretty safe.
    Letrozole once a week normalizes serum testosterone in obesity-related male hypogonadism. - PubMed - NCBI
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    There is evidence that 25 mg clomid per day is effective at restarting testosterone production. Has he been trying massive doses? He may tolerate lower ones better.

    also, obvious thing to try would be nolvadex.
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    He had tried 50mg. He's currently following essentially the power pct minus the Clomid, so hcg and then nolva and seems to be doing well. His blood work in a couple months will be good to see