pct for var in a post-menopausal woman

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    my research is all over the place. a taper maybe although im hypothetically talking 5mg ed. var only. know why an ai is not smart, but i have seen mentions of low dose nolvdex; but is that more for a pre-menopausal women? any other suggestions much appreciated.
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    I've never heard of a woman doing pct but I'll let the women here chime in

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    thank you for the link, unfortunately, like most, this article specifically mentions its written for PRE-menopausal woman. i see this over and over, is the insinuation that pct then IS good for POST-menopausal women? im looking for direct language to a POST-m women. thanks
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    @ironhardempress I hope all is well : )

    Would you be able to include any insight into this man's inquiry?