1. Buckeye

    Buckeye Junior Member

    Hey, I am new here. I have been doing a lot of research. There is so much info here that it makes my head spin. I have never used any gear before but am considering it. I first got all excited about tren but kept reading and trying to educate myself I have decide against it for now. Any pointers would be great. I am 40 and currently on TRT. This is what I am considering for my first cycle.

    Upping my Test C to 500 mg per week
    Dbol - unsure how much per day - i have read 20 - 50 mg per day
    arimidex - .25 to .50 EOD

    Any thoughts? If that sounds like a good 1st cycle, what would a good pct be?

    I have read nolvadex would be good but what else. This PCT is kind of confusing. What else should I concern myself with. Thanks in advance.
  2. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Look up Dr Scally power pct
  3. ETownSmoke

    ETownSmoke Member

    Definitely don’t jump on the tren train yet.
    If you are on TRT you don’t need to do a pct, just go back to your regular TRT dose.
  4. Buckeye

    Buckeye Junior Member

    I was wondering about that. I kinda thought if I just started my normal TRT I would be good. But, again, I am new to this and don't know.

    As far as tren goes, I am going to wait a while for that.
  5. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Shit I looked over that. I assumed if you were asking about pct you'd be coming off. Sorry
  6. Buckeye

    Buckeye Junior Member

    No I am on TRT for life. Nothing I did just genetics.