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  1. Jfmontalvo

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    I did tren ace 100mg and test prop 100mg for 4 weeks eod, then tren ace 100mg test prop 100mg and mast prop 100mg for the next 2 weeks,

    Now I’m on test prop 200mg and mast prop 100mg eod for the next 2 weeks,

    What is the best pct for this cycle, and timing?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Eman

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    I would start reading if I were you... No spoon-feeding.
  3. Riz

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    You're half way through a cycle and you wait until now to sort out your pct?

    Good luck
  4. Jfmontalvo

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    Thanks eman and riz, i have it sort out, just looking for more suggestions, i will do nolva 40mg and clomid 50mg ED, also adding at the end of cycle hcg 5000ui and then 2500ui every 5d
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  6. master.on

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    hcg 250 IU per week for 1 month
    then get bloodwork.
  7. Dohn joe

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    Im not pro obviously so dont take this thr wrong way...i thought 250iu 2x per week was the way to go?
  8. Worf

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    start the hcg at 300-600 per week divided into 2 doses NOW.