PCT isn't raising my LH or TEST

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    Im over 40 and I just finished a cycle that looked like this:

    1-12wks Deca 200mg/wk
    1-12wks test e 300mg/wk
    13-14wks test e 100mg/wk
    1-4wks Anavar 50mg daily
    12-14wks winny 40mg daily
    15-16wks winny 20mg daily
    1-14wks hcg 500IU/wk
    15-16wks hcg 500IU eod

    1-4 wks clomid 100mg 1st wk 50mg 2-4wks
    1-6 wks nolva 40mg 1st wk 20mg 2-6 wks

    On the last day of my cycle my LH 0.2 and FSH 0.7 and Test 261. After a month on PCT my FSH 7.9 and LH 2.7 and Test 215. In the past my LH would come up more and the test would be normal at 500ish. Now my LH has come up but not much and even though the LH came up my test is still down. I have the last two wks of pct left where im just taking Nolva. I was going to get bloods done again in 4wks then see if I should restart the same PCT protocol with clomid and nolva for another 6wks.

    My history. I have done one cycle of sarms that suppressed me badly and did a 4wk pct clomid/nolva. One cycle of test E 600mg per wk for 16wk with anavar for 4wks with 6wk pct clomid nolva. Felt good after that but 6months later did clomid and nolva for 8wks to see where I could get my test up to without AAS and it was about 1000 and I was making gains. I did another 6wks clomid nolva about 9months later but test only came up to 800s. I thought I might be getting desensitized to SERMS. 1yr later I started this cycle above.

    I forgot to mention I just started taking igf-1 DES 50mg twice a day for the next 20days. I read a rat study that improved testicular atrophy with IGF-1.

    On hand I have 5000IUs of HCG on hand. I have about 50 days worth of clomid at 50mg and 50days worth of nolva at 20mg.
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    My estradiol is 17
  4. So how long were you off aas and deca before you started pct? What is your LH level typically that gave you ~500ish T? If you typically had much higher T with a similar LH level to what you have now then it could mean your balls need more attention. If it were me I’d do hcg to get the balls to recover and once I achieve a decent T level from the hCG then I’d take clomid and/or tamoxifen. Most don’t bother to check to see how well they respond to hCG, they just take it for the 2-3 week period and start serms but I think it’s important to make sure your balls have recovered

    Also T in the 800s isn’t low even with a serm. All these pct drugs can only give you what your balls are capable of making. And often it takes some time for pct drugs to get you to max output, usually longer than normal pct.
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    My normal test is 560, LH 6.1 FSH 4.9 Estradiol 24.1. this was 6months before my cycle started. 1month before cycle my test was 457 LH was 5.5.

    I stopped Deca 4wks before starting pct. Deca was tapered the last week to 100mg. Test E was stopped 2wks before pct. I also tapered my dose of Test E for two wks down to 100mg a wk for the last two wks. winstrol was stopped 3days before starting PCT. Winstrol was tapered as well down to 20mg a day for two weeks.

    It has been 3yrs since I last did a AS cycle of test E and Anavar. Ive only used GH stimulating peptides in that time. I did try taking HMG for 2 wks 75mg 3/wk for 6 total doses right before my cycle and there was no change in my test LH or FSH. Not sure if my supplier was crap (they were reliable in the past but no longer sell peptides) or my body just didn't respond to it. What would your hcg protocol look like? I have 1 wk left of this 6wk PCT then I was going to wait 2 wks and get bloods done then decide what to do from there.

    What are your thoughts on the IGF des as well?
  6. Hmm that sounds like the pct was too early. Even 100mg I’d try to wait 3 weeks for TC or TE. Anyway you could certainly just wait it out, you’ll likely eventually recover. If going the 2nd pct route I’d start with hCG at 1000iu 3x/wk until you’re at the very least above 400ng T, ideally 500 or higher.

    Don’t know much about using IGF for pct, but I’ve heard of some using GH to help with recovering fertility, if it could help fertility it might help hormonal recovery.
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    I assume that the residual deca and it's metabolites are still in my system suppressing my natural test. Does anyone know a way to speed up the breakdown of deca metabolites so I can try to get them out of my system?
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    Do you believe its better to use HCG during the cycle in order to recover better? Or does it not make much of a difference?
  9. Probably better to use it during, and I’d continue using it for the 3 or so weeks after before you start serms.
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