PCT log - Short Test P cycle

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    This is going to be my pct log, feel free to comment and post advice if you want. @Michael Scally MD please could you read and comment?

    I’m 32 (87 kgs, 181cm) and this was my first cycle.
    Was supposed to be a 10 weeks cycle but I cut it at the 7th week because of side effects (sleep disturbances, high prolactin, low sex drive, lethargy). I understood that AAS are not for me!

    I pinned 50mg Test Prop ED,
    the first 3 weeks I pinned also 200mg Primo EOD.
    Used 500iud hcg every week.

    I had 3 bloodworks during cycle and I visited an anabolic doctor, who prescribed me the caber for the prolactin and the PCT meds.

    I started PCT 2 weeks ago, about 5 days after last injection of Test P.

    PCT is:
    1500ius of HCG EOD for 16 days, at the same time 20mg nolvadex ED and 25 mg clomid ED.
    Then only tamoxifen and Clomid for other 2 weeks, finally only Tamoxifen for other 2 weeks.Doctor said I can use only Tamoxifen but I preferred to go with a low dose of clomid to heal faster.

    The last 2 weeks I felt amazing on same days, and lethargic and foggy brain on some days.

    Supplements are:
    Cod liver oil (heart)
    Gluthatione (for detox)
    Vit D 3000ius
    5HTP (mood, sleep)
    Melatonin (sleep)

    Day 15 PCT:

    Last 3 nights I slept only 5 hours, I don’t have problems falling asleep but I wake up early and can not sleep more.
    Today I don’t feel foggy, just a bit tired.
    Hopefully tonight I will sleep better.
    I had my blood taken yesterday, in the next days I will post the blood work.
    Next post tomorrow.
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    Wow. Unlucky response to just 350mg Test...no issues prior to cycle and sure it was test? What was your e2 during the cycle? No anti-e used right?
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  3. lshaw

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    No issues prior cycle.
    I’m sure it was proper test, I had 2 blood works during cycle, Test was 3 times the normal range and E2 in check.
    I only used aromasin for one week at 6.5mg ED when I felt my nipples a bit sensitive/itchy.
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    Unfortunate you're gear sensitive bro. Its not for everybody. Glad your doing a proper pct.
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  5. lshaw

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    Yes it sucks! I so wanted to use gear, and I researched a lot about it...
  6. lshaw

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    Day 16 pct

    Today I feel much better! A clear mind makes such a difference!

    Sex drive is up, I managed to “entertain” my GF very successfully.

    Sleeping is still an issue, I keep sleeping 5 hours per night, hopefully this will improve. I am currently taking Melatonin, 5HTP, B6 and Magnesium. I also ordered ashwaganda with the purpose of reducing cortisol. I read that clomid raise cortisol by 80%, so this might be why I wake up too early and cannot fall asleep again...

    Strength in the gym is very good, like on cycle. I keep lifting heavy weights but I do less repetitions.

    Next post will be tomorrow.
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  7. lshaw

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    Day 18 pct

    I’m sleeping better.

    I had to take 3 mg of zopiclon after dinner but then I slept the whole night and I felt very rested when I woke up. I used the Zopiclone in the past and it’s not addictive if less than 2 weeks, so I will take it for a few days to get a better sleep.

    No sex drive but if I’m stimulated I perform just fine.
    I have cialis on hand but I dont use it yet.

    Still holding the 7 kgs gained during the short cycle but I’m certainly less vascular.

    I have
    Will update soon.
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  8. lshaw

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    Day 19 pct

    Very good strength in the gym and morning wood.

    Today I got the results of the very extensive blood work.
    The sample was taken 5 days ago.

    Low testosterone (8.4/9.50-29)
    Low Estradiol (18 )
    Lh 2.5
    FSG 3.5
    That means that something is happening in terms of recovery.
    Everything else was fine (liver, kidneys etc)

    That’s why I was feeling crap a few days ago... Now I know what does it mean to feel old.

    However now I feel much better, so I think that clomid and tamoxifen are kicking in.

    I will do another blood work in about 10 days.

    After the blood work I decided to up the clomid to 50mg ED and keep the tamoxifen at 20 for other 2 weeks, then only tamoxifen for other 10 days.
    I’m also adding 25 mg of Enclomiphene ED for a week.

    Will post again in 2 days time.
  9. lshaw

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    DAY 24 pct

    Finally things are improving a lot,
    night and morning erections, very high sex drive, good mood and lots of energy.

    I lost only one kg and so far kept 6kgs of gains.

    Upping the clomid to 50mg ED was a good move.

    Other 7 days of clomid at 50mg ED left, then only tamoxifen.

    Next blood test in one week from today.
  10. lshaw

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    Day 34 pct

    The results of the 22nd Sep BW came back and are great.

    Test is 27,50 (12-29)
    E2 is 51 (41-159)
    Free T is 0.532 (0.2-0,64)
    LH is 5.8 (1,7-8,6)
    FSH is 4.9 (1.5-12.84)

    From now on no more clomid, i will just keep taking nolvadex for other 10 days.

    Finally I’m sleeping better but a max of 6h, could be clomid side effects.

    Current weight 86
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    Day 36 pct

    I decided to continue clomid at 25mg ED for other 7 days and tamoxifen for other 20 days at 20mg per day.

    Sleeping is the main issue here!
    I always wake up too early.

    I started taking 25mg of MK677 from today. The extra GH produced should help me to sleep efficiently.

    I think that also reducing Clomid dose to 25mg will ease my insomnia.

    I have zopiclone and diazepam in my drawer but I don’t want to take them anymore as they are counterproductive towards the recovery of HPTA.

    One positive: sex drive is very good and I jizz like a porn actor...;)

    One question (if anyone is reading this log :() I have some DSIP peptide, should I try to use it??
    I read a study in which it boosted LH production and improved sleep in 8 healthy males... any experience??
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    Day 38 pct

    I discontinued the MK677; it made me crave for sweets like crazy!
    Yesterday I ate candies and chocolates like a 9 year old child and today I was urinating too often, which I think is connected.

    Tomorrow I have another appointment with the anabolic doctor that is following me, I want to discuss the option of cutting short the PCT and continue to recover naturally.

    As I said in OP, AAS are clearly not for me!
    I had already the gear ready for my second cycle (Test E and Dbol) but I think I’ll just throw it away.

    Considering that my cycle was only 6 weeks long it’s ridiculous that my PCT is going on so long. What do you guys think?
    (Blood work in previous posts)
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    too much worry here bro. dont use steroids again, you are very anxious
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  14. lshaw

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    Thank you for the reply.

    I wasn’t anxious before the cycle but yes, I will not touch aas anymore as I said above.

    Have you seen my last blood work?
    Do you think I could stop pct and recover naturally at this point?
  15. Reno

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    labs seem ok. just relax and recheck blood values in a month
  16. lshaw

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    The source of my misery was the clomid... As soon as I discontinued I felt fine again... Insomnia went away and finally I sleep well. Actually overall I feel very well!

    Keep eating a good clean diet and hot the gym 4 days per week and so far I lost only one kg. Strangely I also have good vascularity, maybe the 2.5 cialis that I take ED help..

    I had a blood work the last day of pct and showed:

    Total T: 26,2 (8-29)
    LH: 6.5 (1.7-8.6)
    E2: 48 (41-159)

    I will re-check blood in a month and will update this log.
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    Yeah clomid is by far the worst drug I have ever taken.