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    I am 10 days out and about to start my hcg. (1000iu/day for 10 days) I once read that 10 days out was when i should start but this thread is suggesting the day after last shot. My question is, because i have waited 10 days what should I do? Keep in mind that I have more gear. (sust) if i start hcg tonight shoud i still wait the 10 days until i start clomid?
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    i dont see what the problem is. its been 10 day since your last test shot, right? so start hcg/nolva tonight and then start clomid after your last hcg shot.

    you cycle is over bro. dont inject any more gear, just start with the pct tonight or tomorrow
  3. bglick

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    thank you sir, i will do just that.

    have a great day. just for shits and giggles i did 500mg sust and 300 mg deca for 8 weeks. trained hard in beginning then had an injury and some other shit take place but still put on 23 pounds. Went from 180 to 203. I'll be happy if i end up 190+ and a bit leaner when this is all over
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    I agree with your claim that 1000ius ED can work well for many users (myself included), but I always start my first injection 10 days after my last Test shot. From what I've read you're saying do it the day after. Why? Don't you want to wait for the test to start clearing out of your system?

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    great post. this is why i got on the computer and it was the first post that I read. really helped!!!
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    never knew hcg could cause permanent damage if not used right
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    first cycle

    Most interesting to read all comments and simply great to see people helping each other with good advises. Never seen that!

    Now, it is by asking that you also learn. I therefore would like to raise that question.

    Am thinking of doing my first cycle. Very simple one as it is the first one. Once a week test enant for 8 weeks. what dosage would you advise? (I am 176cm 69 kg, training longtime already and used to be 50kg only!)

    The opinion now is diferent from various people to take either nolvadex or clomid at the end. Some comment to take nolva during the full cycle for known reasons. Most comment of no need to take hcg after such a cycle.

    Could you please help me out a bit as ideas are very different on the pct issue and as in the Threat "Sex drive" a good pct can help overcome such issues I belive.

    thanks a lot!!
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    Getting the evidence

    Have any of you guys ever got actual hormone tests done to really see if your natural testosterone jumbs back after a cycle. This is the only way to know. The tests do not lie. Go to an endicrinologist
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    I'm tired of your bullshit lies and your spamming of every BB message board out there... Take your contradicting lies elsewhere..
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    i have a question about using hcg post cycle. i was on for 13 weeks and last took 250mg test last monday so i finished pretty much. i didnt use any HCG, in fact i never used it before. so its been 10 days since my last shot, and i dont have my HCG in yet. but i just started 40mg nolva ed. so will it be ok to just use nolva and adex ed and just wait for my HCG to come in and start on that? 250iu 2x/week? for a couple weeks, then drop that and use clomid?
  12. Phreezer

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    Did you even read my post about how to use it? Where did you arrive at those dosages? 250IU'sX2?

    The answer is yes... However, IMO you should run the hcg like I outlined it here.. that's MY opinnion... if you want a different one, I'm sure it won't be hard to find one..

    Take care,

  13. Starkraven

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    i never used it before and im going to start low with it. my balls didnt shrink either so i dont need to use so much. i also am not huge either. i train more for strength than size.
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    Very interesting.
    Some people cant use clomid for pct because of the PMS type symptoms they get with it.
    You say to take nolva along with hcg for the ten days after last shot.
    Is it ok to keep using the Nolva for full recovery in place of clomid?
    Sorry if thats a silly question.:)
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    Great post pheezer , and for fak sake how many times too the people digging in to this thread its a simple opinion if you dont like it dont do it .. some people ..

    Anyways helped me out big style pal .. i was on for 36 weeks bridging finished hcg about 5 weeks ago still doing 50mg clomid e/d and feeling fine , hope I'm recovering OK my libido seems 100% so i'm hoping one day ill still be able to have kids!!! being only 24 was a little worried with a long cycle

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    pct supplements?

    There seems to be a strong prejudice by AAS posters against the use of prohormones of any kind, or even of proven supplements like Tribulus Terrestris. I agree that the oral prohormones are more dangerous to the organs than injections & that their effects are notoriously short lasting. HOWEVER, I still can't see why they shouldn't be used for PCT. Good quality Tribulus Terrestris too.

    Like hcg & clomid, Tribulus & Androdiol stimulate production of both andro & estro hormones & so should juice up the nuts to normal size. But it's still just a step. Neither HCG, Clomid, Androdiol, nor Tribulus kickstart the body's own HPTA system. Only time will do that, BUT normal-sized, functional nuts means a shorter transition period into the bod's own pituitary (HPTA) system kicking back in.

    SO a prohormone like 4-Androstenediol or maybe even good Tribulus in high mgs & saponins extract over 45%, both which have been shown to motivate the testicals to begin prodocing androgens (& estro) but not to activate the body's own endrocrine system exactly like HCG & Clomid! should be effective for PCT (or maybe even during mid-cycle to prevent testicular desiccation).

    In brief, I suspect (though I have not tried it) that a regimen of Androdiol prohormone + effective amounts of Tribulus extract would work about as well as HCG or Clomid as a transition from injections to the return of one's own HPTA system.

    What sayest thou?

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    My Pregyl comes in 5000 vials. How do you store the vials if you're gonna use it 10 times?
  18. Phreezer

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    I think if you had read a little closer you would see that this question has already been answered...

    Load all of them up and store them in the fridge... 14 days is about as long as you should keep them in the fridge.. even with sterile water...
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    Thanks for that Solo47, I get my own gear form Thailand and did'nt get any pct,I'm not in the scene so don't know where to get all this PCT shit from.So I'll just continue my 8 week cycle,then go on some pro hormones etc.do you think you could jott me down an appropriate course.I did read you articule properly but you sound like you been around awhile and can probably sort a good one out for me thanks dude.
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    Why wait the equal # of cycle weeks?

    Interesting question. About a month after my last 10 week cycle (well, actually a month after the start of pct), I got the full blood work-up done: liver, cholesterol, test level, etc. Somewhat to my surprise, everything was functioning at normal levels. And I'm nearly 50 rough years on the planet:eek:!

    My only problem was convincing myself to stick with my plan to not begin another cycle until a full 16 weeks had passed. Err on the side of caution, y'know.

    But now I wonder why I waited if everything had gone back to normal. I'm just beginning PCT again & will get tested again in a month. Will probably wait again no matter what.

    But my point is that if everyone lab tasted 5 weeks after their last shot a lot of people wouldn't wait as long between cycles as they now do.:cool: