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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Phreezer, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Phreezer

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    Just so you guys know, I feel that this pct protocal is a bit out dated and I'm going to be writing up something different soon. Something that will focus more on hcg as a bi-weekly during cycle administration program. I have also become a larger advocate for arimidex which in my PCT option number 2 I will get more specific.
  2. Reinheart

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    Yeah, i know what you mean. Maybe you did something wrong? I'm so very glad i'm young and horny! ;)
  3. Rugger5

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    Thanks for the Info Rein. You pretty much explained my symptoms to the T. I am also in my 40's. Well 48 years old to be exact. So I will continue my pct of 50 mg clomid and see if it clears up. If there is anything else you all think I should add please let me know. I do want it all back to normal. ,

  4. dennis

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    I am dennis not rein..anyways.."anything else I should add"? Yes ..test enth @ 750 mgs per week will get you up and going again !!![:eek:)] [:eek:)] [:eek:)] Just joking in case you could not tell.
  5. Burlyman

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    Thanks for the pct postings, i'm new in this area and this has helped alot.
  6. Anhdalai

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    This especially helps since I plan on doing a test/dbol/deca cycle :p Thanks again, this information is priceless
  7. dieselfreak

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    Phreezer, I read thru your post and many others and have a question. I cant find anything anywhere where someone is just on Winny. I have been working out "clean" for 6 mo. last month I started M1T 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with Milk Thistle on my off weeks. I just started Winny 2 weeks ago and was going to do a 6 weeks cycle. My cycle is "planned" as this:

    week 1: 25mg
    week 2: 30mg
    week 3: 40mg
    week 4: 30mg
    week 5: 25mg
    week 6: 20mg

    My question is this, do I need pct if I continue this cycle of winny alone? I am abviously an idiot for not doing more research, but here I am. I like what you have put out and would like to hear what you think. I am not apposed to changing course on my cycle. Thanx!
  8. hackskii

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    Yes you will need PCT with that.
    I did a winstrol only cycle and did bloods and I was shut down and my lipid profile was jacked.
  9. dieselfreak

    dieselfreak Junior Member

    ok on that note, if I shift my cycle to aa week on/offf or a day on/off cycle (or possibly some other cycle schedule) would my body get all jacked and confused or would it maintain its own test production but with the bennies of the Winny? ( I didnt mean for it to ryme, LOL) Thoughts?
  10. hackskii

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    I have heard guys going 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, but I have never tried it myself, there is a journal on another board where a member tracked his progress using d-bol.

    Anavar is probably one of the least supressive gears out there, I went on for 8 weeks @ 75mg and I did notice some testicular atrophy at the end, so much for var not being supressive.
    It is mild and strength gains are ok but all in all I wasnt impressed too much.

    Winstrol makes me stiff as hell, I dont like winstrol myself.
  11. Ice-T4444

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    all 500iu at once or spread into 2 shoots everyday??
  12. hackskii

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    Doubtfull you would need to spread the shots out the halflife is pretty long considering.
  13. silas718

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    I finished a 10 week cycle in December 2007....it is now March 2008 ....and I didn't do pct. I've done two other cycles 8 weeks in length over the past two years consisting of Deca and Sustanon and equipoise and Sustanon and never did PCT and I had no problems. I even kept gaining strength and size for a month or so afterwards but..... I've noticed lately though that I have a "take it or leave it" attitude when it comes to sex with my fiance which she isn't too happy about and I've put on about 5 lbs of fat since i've been off cycle...(i'm just guessing at that b/c thats the extra weight i've put on since the cycle ended and I'm not near as lean as i was and i have completely lost my six pack and my abdomen looks abnormally wrinklely) I did order and receive 5000 iu of hcg but i haven't taken it yet. I was wondering how i should go about it and what opinions i might draw as to the cause of my sudden fat gain and lost "mojo". Could all that be from just not doing PCT and still being suppressed? Like i said that is the first time i've had a problem with it but my cycle was a little different this time.

    Week 1-8 800 mg Deca
    Week 7,8,9,10 100mg tren / 75mg Test Prop.

    My previous cycles i worked up and back down with the deca and only went up to 600 mg and i was using sustanon 500mg as well for 8 weeks. I appreciate any input on how to remedy the problem......This is really messing with my head and self esteem going from being fairly ripped all my life to soft looking in a couple of months while still busting ass in the gym.
  14. silas718

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    I forgot to mention too that i haven't really noticed any atrophy....if that matters
  15. Phreezer

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    You might try running hcg at 500 to 1000 IU'S EOD for two week along with about .5 mg arimidex ED.

    You might consider getting your hands on some viagra or cialis to help in the mean time.

    I guess you've now learned a valuable lesson about pct.

    After some time I've learned that running HCG every couple of weeks during the cycle works really well too. Similar to how HRT doctors prescribe HCG now for people on long term care.
  16. SheeB

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    I am planning a simple first time cycle of only Sustanon @ 500/week and was wondering what a proper pct would be? I have ordered nolvadex and hcg with the Sustanon. I was told I could replace the clomid with the Nolvadex? Any feedback on when/how much to plan a proper PCT for this simple starter cycle?
  17. Bababooey

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    Wow, feel bad for the guys that took your earlier advise on HCG administration
  18. HDH

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    Please explain?

  19. Bababooey

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    If you read really old posts on this thread from Phreezer you'll know what I mean
  20. HDH

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    What specifically?

    Must have been pretty bad for you to say "Wow, feel bad for the guys that took your earlier advise on hcg administration".