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    A good friend needs your help an opinion or a suggestion . Almost 15 weeks ago he started pct. I will write out the results and how they changed. 5 weeks ago the results looked really good, this weeks result have gotten worse even though nothing changed. Please advise what could have caused this.

    Pct start
    Clom 100/50
    nolva 40/20
    hcg 1500 e2d
    1st Blood 4 week after pct
    Test 206. Norm 250-900
    Estro 56. Norm 60-190
    Fsh. 1.2. Norm 1.6-80
    Lh 0.2. Norm 1.5-9.3

    After 4 week
    2nd blood
    Clom 50
    Nolva 20
    Ari 0.5 e3d
    Hcg 1500 e2d
    Hmg 50 e2d

    Test 260 Norm 250-900
    Estro 140 Norm 60-190
    Fsh. 1.2. Norm 1.6-80
    Lh 0.9 Norm 1.5-9.3

    After 4 week
    3rd blood
    Test 290. Norm 250-900
    Estro 70. Norm 60-190
    Fsh. 6.9 Norm 1.6-80
    Lh 6.0 Norm 1.5-9.3
    Blood looks good he stop sarms
    And stay only on hcg/hmg

    After 5 week ( last week)
    4th blood
    Test 78. Norm 250-900
    Estro 88 Norm 60-190
    Fsh. 3.3. Norm 1.6-80
    Lh. 0.2. Norm 1.5-9.3


    Why test go down and lh ?? He not used nothing...
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    scary shit that this happens to people randomly, I think your friend just need more and more time off everything for get out of it.

    Anyway, Roids historial? age? how was his cycle? how long between cycles? hcg?
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    hcg inhibits LH in a negative feedback control fashion. So that’s normal. Don’t know why the test fell though. Might be time to do the opposite of what your friend did. Stop HCG and switch to serms only for a few months. He did it backwards.
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    He want stay on hcg /hmg
    Becouse he want have children this year that's why only ..
  5. NandroXL

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    Long mayby 5 years on... within out pct...
    Somtimes trt on hcg beetwin cycle and low test 250 ew..
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    Lol 5 years then you have the answer. It'll probably take years for him in order to fully recover
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    Then back again on sarms
    Sarms hcg/hmg long term
  8. He’s on on clomid, tamoxifen and hmg (which is unnecessary to add serms to hmg) so it’s unusual for gonadatropins to fall, unless maybe he’s taking some androgens I guess, like maybe proviron. Still hmg is made from human FSH/LH so I’m pretty sure it would show up as LH/fSH on blood tests and steroids or hCG would have no affect on these levels.

    I guess it’s important to know how long after the hCG/hmg you tested, and how long had the hCG/hmg been mixed cause who knows it could have been good when first mixed but degraded significantly if it had been mixed a while back.

    Pretty sure I suggested this before but your friend should try ovitrelle, I still need to do some more tests but it appears that for me I had a significantly stronger increase of T from ovitrelle than I did from regular hCG. Maybe consider trying straight FSH instead of hmg, since hCG is being used LH isn’t important for fertility and hmg is 50% LH, and I’d ditch the serms, there’s no point taking hmg/FSH and serms, unless maybe you were getting gyno then tamoxifen can be used.

    290 isn’t really the greatest result from almost four months of 4-5k iu of hCG per week, but it was going up so maybe he was a slow responder. Going from 290 to 78 is a huge fall, 73% difference. Is he being careful with the hCG and hmg, like not leaving it in room temperature for long, or not shaking it etc?
  9. Well I guess if you were taking a smaller amount of hmg/FSH cause it’s expensive or whatever then I guess taking it with clomid makes sense. If you take it in the the amount drs typically rx, 75-150iu 3x/wk then it would be pointless to combine hmg/FsH with serms.
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    Dude he's been on for 5 years, numbers at this point are shit.
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    Yes he used proviron 50mg ed over 5 weeks
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    hcg /hmg I mixed every 6 days ..
    Yes its in cold place all time..

    And I checked every new batch by pregnant test ... all time show pregnent...

    Clom /hcg/hmg is protocols to fixed spermgeneza... he want have baby

    nolva was for estro...
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    Hcg will raise testosterone. That could be why it was higher on the earlier tests, then when he came off the hcg his test levels dropped
  14. NandroXL

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    No he never come off hcg...
    Beetwin blood nr 4 and 5
    Was 1 change .. he stop sarms only

    Blood 5 is only on hcg /hmg
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    My bad
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    Ye I dont know whoats going on ...
  17. So what, hmg is 50/50 combo of LH/FSH so even if he’s been on for 55 years those numbers should be higher. Being on for 5 years might explain why he was at 290 but it doesn’t explain why he dropped to 78.
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    The human body is clever, sometimes hcg or hmg will provoke no response. It's not endogenous + I do believe it is true that the leydig struggle to accept hcg when there isn't enough endogenous LH to facilitate it. There is also the issue of leydig responsiveness after being shut down for 5 years.
    Good luck.

    Because you read something doesnt make it true.
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    Because his hormones are really fucked up. Sorry my un-scientific language but no matter how much logic or knowledge you put in, it is what it is, and the body doesn't work like 1 + 1 = 2
  20. Like I said that may explain why his T levels are low, but not why LH/FSH is low when he’s injecting LH/FSH ie hmg. This is why I suggest a second blood test to verify these results.
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