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    Hey fellas what's up ..quick question.How long do I have to wait after pct to get blood work to make sure everything is functioning properly again?
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    At least 6 weeks pal.
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  3. Michael Scally MD

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    Depends on the cycle ...
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    Assuming he PCTd at the correct time to account for the ester lengths used on cycle and did an appropriate pct protocol wouldn’t the time between PCT and expected recovery be pretty similar in most cases?
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    Alot of assumptions there ... I'd like to say yes, but the answer is unknown. One of the glaring errors made by the medical community was that all AAS are the same since they act on the AR - anabolic/androgenic effects are unable to be separated. Even at that time, this was an absurd, ignorant, ... thing to claim. But, believed!!! Why? One only needs to look to today to see the ongoing AAS Paranoia/Hysteria. Likewise, to make the generalization that HPTA Functionality/Restoration is based only on AAS half-lives will undoubtedly be in error. But, unfortunately, for now what you say is the most reasonable course of action.

    It was not that long ago (1988), that many AAS myths were promoted. And, their use is indicative of psychological dependence. Both false. Note: Wilson to this day is seen as a preeminent andrologist. Also, Huggins was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on castration and prostate cancer. Now, the basis of which is wrong.

    In 1988, the “preeminent” andrologist/endocrinologist of the time, JD Wilson, wrote a review on androgen abuse.

    1. Androgens when administered in supraphysiological amounts to normal men do NOT increase muscle mass more than the normal amount.
    2. Anabolic & Androgenic effects of Androgens are unable to be separated.
    3. The effects of androgens are purely psychological, thus arising the concept of AAS Dependency/Addiction.

    Wilson JD. Androgen Abuse by Athletes. Endocrine Reviews 1988;9(2):181-99. Endocrine Press | Endocrine Society
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  6. The date in which to begin recovery largely depends on AAS used, volume, and length of cycle.

    I would also argue whether or not hcg was used to help reduce testicular atrophy would bare some impact. But that part is best discussed with a medical doctor and not some anonymous bro.
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    Thanks as always for the thorough answers.
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  8. Michael Scally MD

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    So many variables ...