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    So I'm about to come off a long NPP/Mast/Test cycle. I don't want to. If anything, I need to pick up and add to this as im going to be playing "Semi Pro" Football this season.

    How can I tweak pct and/or can I continue my current Cycle? I'm 3 months deep.

    300mg/wk Test
    250mg/wk npp
    300mg/wk Mast

    I don't want it to turn dangerous but I need my size and strength more than ever. Had I known I was going to be playing Ball I would have timed my cycle around it.

    I take a small amount of exemestane and yes I take 1/4 mg Caber maybe 4 times this entire cycle. Only in an emergency. I know it's highly looked down at so no need to lecture me on that part.

    Honestly I'd like to drop NPP and add tren.

    Am I fucked here guys?

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    I assume you will be tested for peds and that's why you are wanting to come off?
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    Time to call my bookie lol jp good luck
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    Not going to be drug tested as far as u know.

    I don't think I was very clear with my question as usual.

    As long as bloods check out, is it safe to run a/this cycle another 3-4 months beyond the suggested cycle length?

    I'd like to add tren if so.
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    No im just at the end of the cycle I had been running. Generally id cycle off and run my pct procedure as normal. I want to run it longer.
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    Hah thanks man
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  7. XFL???
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    Yes you could keep running this cycle. This seems like a legitimate enough reason if bloodwork isn’t to bad. We know your lipids are not going to be great especially since it’s already been 3 months. If you do run tren drop the NPP and mast and lower the test to 200mg. Watch the cardio on tren though.
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    No not the xfl
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    Would Tren and Test at 200 be beneficial on its own or would you think I'm better off staying where I'm at? I don't want to lose size and strength gains if I don't absolutely have to.
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    I think you should stay with the mast and NPP but 200mg tren and test a week will def hold all your size and strength no doubt. If you stay where your at I would up the NPP to 300mg and lower the test to clean it up a little. Try to make it so you don’t need a AI which would be better for long term cycling.
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    Good stuff. Tren is the only compound I have never tried.

    So as long as bloods check out, a cycle can be ran much longer than suggested?
  13. Sure.

    But remember good blood work doesn’t always mean you’re in good health.

    Heart issues will not show up on your basic blood panel. I believe you need specific tests prostate, thyroid whatever other vital organs may be affected. Just be mindful of not banking on blood work for good health.
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    I feel I may have enlarged prostate issues. My pee streams are super small sometimes and it's hard to empty my bladder. I talked to a doc and he mentioned possible prostate prob but at the time I was worried it was an STD and he didn't know about my cycle obviously
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