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    First off, I'm 18, lifting for about 2 years and 8 months, I know this is not recommended for anyone under 25, consider this me just educating myself on the subject, if i was to consider a 12 week testosterone cypionate cycle (inject) of 500mg per week, (250 twice) what side effects post cycle should I expect? I understand that my natural testosterone levels will decrease well below their natural levels and will remain like that after I cease the artificial hormones, does pct stop or at least reduce this? What sort of gains retention could I be expecting? I would appreciate educated and reasonable answers rather than being bashed for inquiring about this at this age, that k you.

    Also, if th result is an inevitable period of low test in my system, how long would this be for? And what would this mean for me? Thanks again
  2. 18 huh?
    i was gonna bash ya' but since you put in that no bashing clause, i guess my hands are tied. :rolleyes:

    Suffice it to say, don't... Just don't.
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    lifting for 3 years and still not on juice lmao

    boy stop waste your time with that natty life

    get on tren now bitch
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    Don't take this guy's advice
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    Can people please put their personal opinions aside and please answer the questions? Thanks
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    Here's my "educated and reasonable answer"

    First off what are you doing for pct?

    If you're worried about losing your gainz, we'll it all depends on how good your PCT is, how hard you're training, and how much you're eating.

    If you train like a savage while cycling and then don't train as hard when you're off what do you expect is going to happen.

    If you eat a shit ton while cycling and then fall off your diet when your off what do you expect is going to happen.

    But then again I'm no expert.
  7. Ciaran

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    The question is actually asking advice on what I should do for pct and what I should expect as far as health and side effects are concerned with the best I could do, assume train and eat like a savage on and off cycle
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    Please dont, bud.. believe me, most people here wanted to dive in at that age, myself included, and I'm sure some have. If sources were readily available when I was that age, I probably would have. . I did a cycle at 28 of sustanon 500 a week with some dbol thrown in midcycle. No pct, ai, nothing. Now I HAVE to inject synthetic testosterone cuz I fucked myself up.. you are at the peak of natty test flowing through you. Eat like a mofo and crush those weights.. I wouldn't want to hear that when I was 18, but just my opinion. Many more qualified people on here to ask, but I'm pretty sure your going to hear the same thing.. Only trying to help, man!!!
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    There are many different opinions on how you should do a pct.

    Always want to get pharma grade shit. Pct is the most important part of any cycle IMO.

    I'm going to do the following for mine:

    hcg 500iu every week (starting @week6)
    clomid 100/50/50/50
    nolva 40/ 40/ 20/ 20

    But like I said I'm no expert.

    I suggest you do a little more reading in the PCT section. Read what other guys are doing for pct.

    As far as sides I was a little emotional, but that could of been due to elevated E2 levels since I wasn't running an AI.

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    Thank you, this is the response i was looking for advice taken
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    He's just going to have to ive and learn.
    He's already made up his mind.
  12. Ciaran

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    Untrue, if my mind was made up i wouldn't be on here asking for advice
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    Truely no one will advise you to do test at 18.
    What is your goal ? Bodybuilding or powerlifting?
    I'd be a Hippocrate if I said I hadn't done juice at a young age. But I am not recommending it just yet. What is your goal ?

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    poor little thing
  15. LonelyDrug

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    people dies from starvation and war all around the world

    and this guy is sentecned to have a high testosterone for the rest of his life, poor little thing
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    Sounds like he's just trying to provide a cautionary tale to some who asked for and can use the advice, not complaining.
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    Trying to save a young guy, bro.. no need to be a douchebag. And if u think I'm little, let's have lunch and see how little I am
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    This guy is just trolling he does it a lot we usually just ignore him.
    This is an uncensored board so these things happen sometimes.
    If you research enough you will come to the conclusion that it is better to wait until your in your 20s.
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    This is pretty decent advice, there is a good thread on here about everything you need to know for your first cycle I'll try and find the link.
    But seriously man keep reading. You'll find that steroids arnt always the answer.
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    I agree, and wanted to add if you end up going through with this cycle maybe consider cutting it down to around 8 weeks to avoid shutting your test down for a long time.