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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by jd62, Jan 11, 2004.

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    jd62 Member

    i read that anavar doesnt shut down your own natural test production
    "Oxandrolone will not shut down a man's pituitary-gonadal axis. There is no evidence that it suppresses testosterone or sperm production, which is why it's the oral of choice when pyramiding off steroids. Many bodybuilders have tapered off anabolic usage by switching to Oxandrolone at 30 mg per day and slowly reducing the dosage by 2.5 mg every five days until endogenous testosterone production is back to normal."
    so would it be a good idea to actually take about 30 mg of anavar ed after your regular cycle and taper off untill your natural test level is back, instead of using hcg? plus you can keep gaining longer than you should.

    p.s i know it costs alot but suppose cost isnt an issue
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    toc67guru Junior Member

    pct with anavar?

    I may be wrong but I believe this is an outdated theory brought about by the belief that non aromatising drugs like anavar, winstrol and primo did not cause a negative feedback at the hypothalmus and therefore did not shut down natural test production. It is true that the above drugs would have less of a supressing effect than strong androgens like dianabol and test but at the dosages used by todays bodybuilders these drugs do still supress natural test. In recent years other hormones other than estrogen have been found to have a negative effect on test production namely high androgens, DHT, prolactin and progesterone. There are BBs that do use drugs to bridge, I have no experience of this so can't comment but personally believe that to get natural test levels back up one has to keep testicles from atrophying excessively by either using small doses of hcg for a couple of days per week during the cycle or by using say 500ius daily for 10-14 days at the end of a course to make the testicles more responsive to endogenous LH and then using clomid or nolvodex for a 4 week period to restore the HPTA. Hopefully others with more experience may shed a bit of light on the theory of bridging.
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    seand95 Junior Member

    Im on the final 3 weeks of a 16 week cycle which has included test all throughout at 1g-600mg a week. at week 11 i began taking 500iu hcg eod and my testies have regained some size and my ejaculate volume is way up! in your opinion, should i continue at this until a week or so after my last inj? or should i quit now and go at the HCG again 10-12 days after my last inj of cyp?
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    EDED Junior Member

    that has nothing to do with the original thread about anavar,,,anyways, since you have 5 more weeks, i would quit intsead of shooting hcg eod till the last shot, hcg will eventually suppress, so save it till everything is over, use hcg with anti e.

    my thoughts on anavar pct, if you are ending with a long acting injectable, maybe you could do anavar till the last injection half life is over, since anavar is half life is shorter than injectables,it will suppress like toc67guru said, so better get some hcg, arimi, clomid, nolva...or you could bridge with it, but there was a thread here,called "bridging 101", i thought it was very good, i would get some proviron instead.
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    Keenan Junior Member

    If I were to do a anavar only cycle for 8 weeks at 30 mg everyday, would it be neccessary to use hcg and clomid after the cycle. I was thinking yes but wasn't sure and I don't when to start it considering the short half life for anavar.
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    zenmonky Junior Member

    ive done 30mg for 8 weeks myself. no noticable supression. id say no pct needed at all. and ive experienced sides on other drugs. if i would do it again, id go 40mg a day. i really like var.
    i dont know if var would inhibit pct, but if any aas could be used for bridging, it would be var. id like to hear about others experience with bridging too.
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    -BMan- Guest

    i am finishing an 8 week cycle but want to bridge with var , could i run the var while doing pct? hcg,clomid, nolva?

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