PEMF to the rescue

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    Don't know if many of you are familiar with pulse electro magnetic field devices (Bemer is the big brand) but a dealer told me that bodybuilders wouldn't have to use anything to build muscle but to lay on this mat for a short period of time. That was done to get my attention. Of course the big claims are that it kills cancer cells, cures diabetes and heart disease, and Bemer is "working with" NASA to create spacesuits that increase micro-circulation in astronauts (how in the world have all these astronauts and cosmonauts survived all that time in space without a PEMF device ?) Anyhow, this is a multi-level scam that, unfortunately, people are buying into, literally, at 4300.00 and 7000.00 per unit. I know of one dealer who told the parents of a daughter who has severe scoliosis that this device would cure her by "straightening out" her spine. This is an instance when I wish the FDA and FTC had more backbone and teeth, and go after these asshole scammers. Isn't that what my tax dollars should allow these agencies to do??? Yeah, I know the answer to that one.
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