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    PainIsGrowth Junior Member

    My question may seem strange, but I'm wondering if anyone on this forum knows whether penile damage may affect libido? Specifically, if you had a penile duplex ultrasound and it came back showing that you had arterial insufficency and mild venous leak, would this confirmed ED play any physiological role in libido? I'm not taking about the possibility of this leading to depression of the E.D., and this depressed state being the cause of the low libido. I'm thinking is it possible to have physically confirmed E.D. and still feel horny and have a normal raging libido? Does anyone know from personal experience or have relatives that are older, say whether they still have they normal sex drive despite having physical E.D.? Also, does anyone know whether thyroid induced E.D. or prolactinoma induced E.D. could manifest as arterial insufficency or incomplete erection when induced by PGE1 injection? I cannot get aroused mentally, even with porn, and I feel like if I could get mentally aroused the E.D. would go away. Thanks for the help.
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    pmgamer18 Member

    Libido is the brain you can have damage to your penis and still have a very good libido. I would say get a full check up testing everything along with your sex hormones. High Estradiol is a libido killer and will give you some dam bad ED so bad the pill will not work.

    Here is a good web site for problems with ED and low libido.
    Yahoo! Groups
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    coz Junior Member

    Found this study which is quite interesting, shows that thyroid does have a role to play in errections, and answers yes to your question;

    Bioline International Official Site (site up-dated regularly)

    Summary: The possible role of thyroid hormones in the Nitric Oxide (NO)- mediated response to sexual stimulation, and on prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) and sildenafil in the treatment of erectile dysfunction was investigated using the corpus cavernosum of the New Zealand rabbit animal model. The parameters studied were penile erection monitored as contractile force of the erectile tissue, sperm count and motility; in parallel with the haematocrit, red cell count or rheology, Heart Rate (HR), Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP), Thyroid Stimulating Hormones (TSH) and Thyroixine levels. Hypothyroidism or thyroidectomy was found to cause depletion of Endothelium Derived Relaxant Factor (EDRF) thereby causing very feeble contraction of the cavernosum muscle, in both Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) and Sildenafil, oligospermia and less than 45% motile sperms. Thyroxine treatment produced contraction proportionate to the concentrations of PGE1 and Sildenafil; providing evidence that the erectogenic actions of both PGE1 and Sildenafil are possible only in the presence of adequate thyroid hormone level.
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    Megazoid Junior Member

    Coz, i remember reading that on pubmed a while back (the rabbit study). However it does prove the importance of thyroid hormone for erectile function. So basically adequate thyroid hormone has the same effects as viagra/cialis when free t3 (i assume) is on the top end of the range?

    On an intresting side note i did a google search and thyroid and ED link was strong. One quote that is worth mentioning:

    "Other hormones are also important for erectile function. A low level of the thyroid hormone can cause low quality erections. And, the excessive production of prolactin by the pituitary gland can be responsible for the low production of testosterone and this can lead to problems."

    Has anyone here cured ED by fixing thyroid hormone production (Either T4 only, T4/T3 combo or armour?).
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    coz Junior Member

    Also one of the main points of the study is for PainIsGrowth question about not being able to get a full erection even with a PGE1 injection. The study states that "the erectogenic actions of both PGE1 and sildenafil are possible only in the presence of adequate thyroid hormone level. "

    So if he is unable to get a full erection with PGE1, it could be due to low thyroid.
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    dcguy4u Junior Member

    Your last question has been answerd by the study that coz psoted. But I myslelf wonder if ED came first or low libido came first. Personally in my case ED came first and then my libido went down hill with time. However I would like to note that just around the time when ED hit me. I was losing my drive in life, was fatigued and less motivated. But I still had my libido which as I said earlier took a hit with time.
    I wonder if libido is more of a state of mind or is somthing that is hormonal / chemical dependent ?
    I too feel that if I could get my libido , my ED would go away.

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