Penile shrinkage, atrophy. What causes it?

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    " I have heard it said that medically a penis cannot decrease in size from what it was. I am not sure but to a point this may or may not be true."

    of course it can, look up ADT and penile length changes, and you can't blame it on old age as the younger a person is on ADT the worse they are effected.
    also, it was said in previous decades that the testes can't shrink and we all know that isn't true.
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    I heard the leading cause to Penile shrinkage is being married...

    MANWHORE Member

    I am not sure what is meant by Weak Penis,
    but everything else I have experienced some
    at same time and some different times...

    Pre-Pubitum is like turtling?
    If so, then yes to that too... The head of
    penis hides inside the skin...

    Poor skin elasticity comes with the dry penis, for me
    The vericose looking veins were there with tren and Mast mix
    when getting very erect... I had veins all over then, even over abs..

    I been getting morning wood every morning now,
    and I've been off cycles for some time now...
    Not so much horny in morning, just very firm erections
    when I awake ... and no one to use them on
  4. zeno

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    "here turtle turtle turtle" things you dont want your wife to say...
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    I've been curious about this after seein what TRT has done to me. I feel like when I get a raging boner, it's still as long and thick as normal but in my flaccid state, it seems to be much more more shriveled and my nuts ride high and tight. They've atrophied quite a bit from TRT so that's expected.

    I was on clomid only awhile back and my dick was hanging and swinging around like normal and of course my balls were much heavier and my sack hung quite a but better..... I was hopin the increase in DHT from TRT would make my flaccid cock as large or larger than it normally is but this isn't the case
  6. Michael Scally MD

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    [ame=]Small Penis Size Caused by GMO Foods - YouTube[/ame]
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    I agree....on clomid my nuts where large and hanging low and I had a chub most of the time. On TRT my nuts are high and tight and my peepee is turtling except during sex where I believe it's just as big as ever.

    When it's all said and done TRT positively effects most things but there's something about LH/FSH and/or something produced by functioning testicles that does effect the scrotum and turtling IME.
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    I suggest getting real medical help for such a problem. Get tested, see what causes this shrinkage.

    Take care
  9. DaddyLongShanks

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    So tren and mast provide a noticeably more powerful penis?
  10. Huntooke

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    Guys should understand that frequent sex and masturbation don't make penis bigger and larger. Penile shrinkage could be due to various reasons like aging or medications that may have caused the penis to shrink.
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    A lack of use is not going to make it bigger, it will likely make it smaller!
    Cock size shrinking due to "ageing" is mostly from older guys gaining too much weight, and also letting their health slip.

    Many older men in their 50's and 60's are reporting very good erections so long as they take care of their health and keep using it.

    Probably the worst thing for your cock is a lack of sexual contact, and masturbation does not cut it.
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    Congratulations. With a 10" cock, you are bigger than 99% of porn and up there with Mandigo and Jack Napier, possibly edging them out in length.
  13. I got a 2" dick but its ok cause I have a 90mph ass. I don't hit the back but I beat the shit out of the sides
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    My erections have been anywhere
    From 5 to 6 ... Feet lol
    No inches and just depends how
    Much blood enters it at any given time.
    It's a sponge...

    Like stretching a rubber band..
    More sex usually meant bigger erections..
    Unless I hit the tren then all bets are off...
    Tren bypasses the more sex and just pores
    The blood in my penis...
    Wanna see it?

    My tren not my penis.. Jesus Christ!

    I am turning into a madman... Not sure if it's the tren
    Or the 10grams of caffeine I drank today :eek:
    Gotta run
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    MANWHORE Member

    I don't think I could measure 10in, if
    I started measuring from the back, of my ass.

    Seems like it would be a bitch when taking a dump..
    I like my turtle head when I'm not using it
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    How the fuck do you keep coming up with shit like this?
    You mainlineing laughing gas or what. ?

    MANWHORE Member

    No, of course not...
    Why, do people really do this?

    I seem to have a lot of penis,
    Inside my body.. Wow, that doesn't look right :eek:

    What I mean is that my penis
    Seems to continue for some time
    This is what they pull out when someone
    Gets a penis enlargement ...

    I would just be afraid I wouldn't be able
    To get it as hard, if too much was pulled out...

    I've been known to break
    Boards with my erections.. No kidding
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    What is 23 nmol in ng/dls? all my labs are in ng/dl
  19. jonyoung

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    Well IMO right now I would have to say its the dht levels or a thyroid issue?

    I'm leaning towards dht in my case because of my misuse of andractim

    And anybody who has testosterone problems I would recommend looking to the ring of power device
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    I haven't read through every page of this topic, but is penile atrophy and shrinkage that have been caused due to hormonal disruption from taking prescription medications reversible? Generally speaking?

    If you remove the offending prescription drug or change to another, and you were fine before taking it to begin with, can you expect to regain size and erectile strength as it was before? Even if this has been going on for 3 years now?