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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Ceazer, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Ceazer Junior Member

    Found this thread on Steroids Forum :: Index :: Hardcore Anabolic Steroid Board
    NOW THATS CRAZY: STUPIDeek::eek::eek::eek:
    Well about a month ago my buddy tells me that the penis can grow from frequent injects of synthol. It not only grows synthetically but from the oil stretching the tissue in the penis it actually creates room for permanent growth and better blood flow.
    So I gave it a shot. I have been injecting every other day 1cc for the past three weeks....moving the injects around each time.
    I noticed some significant localized growth but I was wondering why I sometimes get a little bit of blood in my urine. Can anyone tell me why this is??? And if so can I have some suggestions on how to make it stop.
    Thanks Guys,
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    Look at this crazy s**t, Dog on roids big time!!! whippet on steroids
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    juggernaught Junior Member

    Belgian blue bull[​IMG]
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    MrBman Junior Member

    Im not sure if this is a serious inquiry or not ... but to my knowledge the penis is a not a muscle but is made from tissue, nerves, cartilage ... I beleive blood fills two baloon like chambers on the sides of the penis that make it grow ... unless you could somehow expand blodflow into these chambers or increase their size i dont see how penis enlargement would be possible ...

    the penis is also a delicate organ ... by injecting synthol or other such substances into your penis you will cause it to swell which will alter its appearance, making it look bigger ... in reality you may constrict the flow of the urethral opening, making it rather difficult to urinate and ejaculate. It may potentially cause damage to the delicate tissues within the organ - the penis was not created to be able to stay extended for long periods of time ... swelling will do just that ...

    be careful ...

    blood flow in your urine maybe be a sign of damage to the urethral opening, but i am not a doctor ... you might want to get it checked out ... when you ejaculate does the same thing happen?

    ... just be careful man - like i said, i dont know if you are joking or not, so im responding to this as a serious question
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    andysutils Member

    thats true, people say when they get an irrection its muscle, totally not true, its an excessive flow of blood to the penis
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    Ceazer Junior Member

    Bam is this a real pic??
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    andysutils Member

    yes, werent this the beast featured in bsf?
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    juggernaught Junior Member

    Yep they have the same genetic trait as the wippet in the other thread.
    Google an image search on begians and you will see some monsters.
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    This is real i saw a show about genetic manipulation the other day and a vehement like this was featured...scared me something fierce, my fork nearly flew out of my hands. :eek:
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    Ceazer Junior Member

    I feel the person who injects their dog with steroids is a idiot
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    steroid500 Junior Member

    why waste perfectly good steroids?!
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    Ironhorse Member

    Its from a mutation in myostatin. Crazy stuff.
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    BROOKLYN PLUMBER Junior Member

    I would rather mutate myself ! :D
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    Ceazer Junior Member

    Heres a freak

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    Ceazer Junior Member

    That would make some good steaks
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    robyflexx Junior Member

    WTF seems to be some similarities to the picture above. :eek:
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    BBC3 Member

    ARE YOU FREAKIN NUTS!!!!!!!!! You are going to reder yourself impotent. Then you wont have a bone to speak of. The only thing for cock injection is caverject, or whatever it is called, and its not oil based. Those tissues are not to be messed with.

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    robyflexx Junior Member

    I have to agree this guy belongs in a straight jacket. :eek:
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    andysutils Member

    lol nice photoshop job
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    GVlass Junior Member

    Hey Ceazer,
    Just wanted to know if you could provide some details such as how to inject, aspiration, frequency and results. Would be very curious. My email is

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